‘EVE Online’ FanFest 2013 roundup

EVE-FanFest-stage-shotFrom April 25-27 in Reykjavik, Iceland, legions of fans of the game EVE Online will descend upon the homeland of developer CCP Games to celebrate the MMO, speak with makers of EVE Online and Dust 514, and celebrate the game’s 10th anniversary. The annual FanFest event will bring together hundreds from around the globe to hear the developers speak of the past decade, adn discuss what is to come.  

Check back with us regularly for news directly from the show in Reykjavik.

Latest Stories

Oculus Rift and ‘EVE Online’ team up to blow minds with ‘EVR’

CCP Games surprises EVE FanFest 2013 attendees with the reveal of 'EVR,' an Oculus Rift-powered proof-of-concept built on a 6v6 space fighter combat simulation set in the EVE Online universe.


FanFest 2013 closes with news of a comic, ‘Dust’ gets a clever release date, and ‘EVE Online’ heads to the TV

CCP Games closes out EVE FanFest 2013, and kicks off its second decade with news of a Dark Horse Comics partnership and a planned TV series that is still in the early phases, but brings Hollywood talent to the table.


EVE Online stares into a virtual future

The second day of EVE FanFest 2013 concludes with a forward-looking EVE Online-focused keynote and a surprise reveal of an Oculus Rift-powered dogfighting game set in the EVE universe.


EVE FanFest invites ‘Dust 514’ fans to “enter the vicious cycle”

CCP Games developers take to the stage for EVE FanFest 2013's concluding day one keynote, which focused on the free-to-play PlayStation 3-exclusive Dust 514 and its coming Uprising expansion, which launches on May 6.


Trading a virtual future for a physical present with 1400 ‘EVE Online’ fanatics

As EVE Fanfest approaches, we take a look at CCP Games' EVE Online and Dust 514: what they are, how they work, and why the EVE-verse is such a unique proposition in video gaming.