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After three long years of rumors followed by so-so moves on the mobile front, Facebook is ready to finally release a phone (with a little help from HTC, we think). While skepticism over the device’s capabilities and reach remain, the unveiling is certain to be the social network’s biggest play yet into the world of smartphones – no doubt motivated by all the precious user data that comes with. From browser-based to baked into your handset, Facebook is making significant power plays with this latest release.

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The 6 most important things Mark Zuckerberg revealed yesterday

Mark Zuckerberg made some remarks at TC Disrupt that hinted at the company's future trajectory. He even talked about a little thing called Facebook Home we may have all forgot about...

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Rumor: Facebook product placement may be coming to VH1 programming

In the wake of Facebook's TV ad failures, the social network is trying a different strategy - product placement.

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Facebook cancels the UK launch of the HTC First, poor customer feedback gets the blame

The HTC First won't be released in the UK, exclusive carrier EE has confirmed. However, rather than being a network decision or at HTC's insistence, it's Facebook which has made the call.


Facebook phone is a flop! AT&T may discontinue HTC First

The first sign was a price drop to $0.99 just one month after it was launched, but now it's becoming even more clear that the HTC First is a massive flop. After a horrible sales performance, the HTC First may be removed from AT&T stores.


Facebook Home now available on HTC One, Samsung Galaxy S4, and Sony Xperia ZL

Facebook announced that its Home software has reached one million downloads, then subsequently released an update making it available on new devices. This is the first update Home has received since mid-April.


Facebook announces new features for ‘Home’ as first update rolls out

At 3pm PST, Facebook Home will receive its first update through Facebook for Android. The update will mostly fix up some bugs and performance issues, but new features are said to be on their way.


AT&T slashes the price of the HTC First to $1, not bad for a stock Android phone

A month after its announcement, AT&T has cut the price of the HTC First, the first phone to come with Facebook Home pre-installed, to just $1. Ignoring Facebook Home, this isn't a bad deal for a stock Android device.


Despite 2-star rating, Facebook Home breaks 500,000 downloads

Facebook Home has been downloaded over a half a million times in its first ten days, but concerns over privacy settings have led to a grim 2-star user rating, at least in part.