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After three long years of rumors followed by so-so moves on the mobile front, Facebook is ready to finally release a phone (with a little help from HTC, we think). While skepticism over the device’s capabilities and reach remain, the unveiling is certain to be the social network’s biggest play yet into the world of smartphones – no doubt motivated by all the precious user data that comes with. From browser-based to baked into your handset, Facebook is making significant power plays with this latest release.

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Facebook is appealing to its Asian users with messaging, emoticons, and stickers

Aside from Chat heads, the latest iOS update for the Facebook app also has giant stickers that will certainly appeal to the emoji-loving market.

What Android phones can learn from Facebook Home

Facebook Home on the HTC First is a user-selectable option, and the phone can be reverted back to stock Android Jelly Bean. Could this bring about a change in the way other manufacturers implement their user interfaces?
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Facebook’s Chat Heads are coming to an iPhone near you

Chat heads aren't just for Android anymore. The nearly unanimously favorite part of Facebook Home, chat heads, are set to roll out to iPhones today thanks to a Facebook update. So while you can't jump into Home yet, go ahead and give chat…

Review: There’s no place like Facebook Home

Facebook's ambitious mobile project Facebook Home is here, and we go hands on for a deep dive in. The experimental app suite is basically giving Facebook the right to take over your phone; it's part app, part OS - all Facebook.
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Facebook Home might be coming to iPhone, after all [updated]

Remember your disappointment when you found out Facebook Home was only available for select Android devices? It looks like other mobile platforms will get to enjoy a whole new level of Facebook addiction after all.

Want to get Facebook Home on any Android phone? Yes, it’s already possible

The internet found an unofficial workaround after the announcement that Facebook Home would only be officially supported on a paltry five devices.
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HTC First Review

HTC First Review.
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Facebook is the new Twitter (at least, it wants to be)

Facebook has long ruled the social media scene, but recent beta testing and feature announcements suggest that its taking a page out of Twitter's book. Is imitation the sincerest form of flattery, or is Facebook just desperate to increase…