Halo 4 roundup

After years of waiting, Halo returns. Although Bungie has moved on, the series is in the capable hands of 343 Industries, a group of developers that came together solely to work on Halo. To call them dedicated is an understatement.

So with Halo 4 just a few days off, we collected all of our Halo news, interviews, and videos together in one place, then added our review as the cherry on top. Check it out, then prepare yourselves for the return of the baddest mo-fo around on Tuesday, November 6.

Latest Stories

Rumor: Halo 2 Anniversary in production at 343 Industries

A new rumor suggests 343 Industries will give Halo 2 the HD remaster treatment in time for its 10 year anniversary. Will it hit Xbox 720?

E3 2012: A closer look at Halo 4 behind closed doors, including the episodic Spartan Ops

Not content with just one massively packed Halo game, 343 Industries will release enough free online content to almost match the length of the campaign.

E3 2012: Halo 4’s multiplayer benefits from 343 Industries fresh perspective

343 Industries moves right into Halo's multiplayer universe and makes itself at home. Halo 4 shows well at E3 2012.

Halo 4 to offer weekly multiplayer ‘episodic adventures’ and more

Microsoft and 343 Industries’ Halo 4 announce the “Halo Infinity Multiplayer,” a new online hub that will feature weekly content updates, plus more multiplayer details.

Massive Attack producer to compose the Halo 4 music

Microsoft has announced that Neil Davidge from Massive Attack will score the upcoming game.

Microsoft’s complete game lineup from E3 2011

Microsoft started off E3 with a bang, debuting several new games including Modern Warfare 3 and Halo 4, along with new Xbox Live services and a huge emphasis on the Kinect.

Microsoft E3 landing page leaks Kinect upgrades, Halo 4 news

We'll be able to confirm the rumors shortly but for the moment it's safe to say there are a few new titles and some Kinect updates coming to the Xbox 360.