HTC One Unveiling

With Mobile World Congress 2013 just around the corner, LG got a head start on competitors by announcing its latest flagship phone on Tuesday in New York City. The supersized HTC One will battle other hulking devices with a 4.7-inch 1080p display, machined aluminum chassis and unique UltraPixel camera.

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HTC One M8 Review

HTC One M8 Review.

HTC One M8 vs. HTC One: Which ‘One’ do you want?

The new HTC One (M8) is bigger than the original HTC One and you can get it in gold. Besides that, how does the sequel compare to the first One? Sounds like its time for a spec showdown.

20 helpful tips for HTC One owners

If you’ve pulled the trigger on HTC’s latest flagship Android smartphone, then you’ll benefit from this hot batch of HTC One tips and tricks. We've added several new ones to keep you going through the holidays.

AT&T plans to give away the new HTC One

AT&T will be giving away one free new HTC device a day for the next five days. We have absolutely no idea what that device could possibly be. Spoiler: it's the All New HTC One.

eBay seller gives us a nice look at the next HTC One

Courtesy of an eBay France seller, we get the clearest shots up to date of the All New HTC One, which HTC plans to unveil during a special event on March 25.

New HTC One smart cover shows off colorful notifications

How does this smart cover grab you? If a leaked image is to be believed, the all-new HTC One could arrive at the end of March with this intelligent notification system available as an optional extra.

Leaked pictures of the all-new HTC One in the wild

We know that the new version of HTC's flagship phone will be unveiled officially on March 25, but to keep you going in the meantime we have a couple of freshly leaked pictures for you to pore over.
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HTC turns to humor to tease new HTC One

HTC took to YouTube to tease its upcoming successor to the HTC One, though we learned a bit more about the company's humor than we did about the device itself. With a month to go, though, HTC will tease all it wants.