iPhone 5S and 5C show their colors

It’s been a year since the iPhone 5 came out, and that means we’re ready for something new. And this year, for the first time ever, we’re getting two iPhones. The iPhone 5S is the new flagship phone, which will cost $200 with a two-year contract. It will have a new gold color option and a fingerprint ‘Touch ID’ sensor. The iPhone 5C will be available as well, at a cheaper $100 price and in multiple colors. We’ve got all your news and analysis right here.

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This man’s iPhone 5S saved him from a metal bar-induced death

It may be common to hear of smartphones preventing bullets from doing any more significant damage to their owners, but this iPhone 5S saved a Muscovite's life from getting cut short by a metal bar. Read on to learn more.


Apple Care: man survives shotgun blast thanks to iPhone 5c

An Apple iPhone 5c stopped a shotgun bullet from piercing a 25-year-old British man's chest during an altercation with a teenager.


Samsung launching biometric mobile pay service in Korea

Samsung is launching and testing a mobile pay service in Korea developed by Samsung SDS. An eventual global rollout is planned so long as the system tests well.

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RIP iPhone 5C: Apple may discontinue the colorful phone in 2015

Apple will reportedly discontinue the iPhone 5C and 4S in 2015 after promotional campaigns end. The colorful , plastic iPhone will have a shorter life than expected.


With hype-devouring fans and copycat features, Tesla has become the Apple of cars

Tesla's newest car, the all-wheel drive P85D Model S, is being compared to various supercars, but it should be compared to the Apple iPhone 5S. It's further evidence Tesla's closely following Apple's business strategy, and to great effect.


Say hello to the $1,000 app that lets your iPhone record video in 4K

Looking to record 4K video without resorting to buy another device to do so? Vizzywig 4K lets you do just that with your iPhone 5S. Just make sure it is running iOS 7 before dropping $1,000 on the app.


iPhone 6 vs. iPhone 5S: By the numbers

Apple has shown the work the iPhone 6, but what we really want to know is how it stacks up against it's baby sister, the 5S. See the differences in this spec comparison.