Microsoft Build 2015: Complete Coverage

Windows 10 is just around the corner, which makes this year’s BUILD conference a pivotal one for Microsoft. From Cortana integration to Android app compatibility, the company is showing off some enticing new features for the new OS, along with more details on projects like HoloLens. Read on for our full coverage.

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Microsoft’s binary T-shirt from BUILD 2015 decoded

You may have seen a blue t-shirt being worn by Microsoft staff at BUILD 2015 — now find out the meaning behind the binary code that made up its Windows logo.


Developers from NASA, Skype and Trimble discuss building for HoloLens

In a panel discussion hosted by Microsoft four developers came together to discuss building apps for HoloLens. They described an experience that was creatively challenging, but intuitive from a technical perspective.


We played architect with Microsoft's staggeringly surreal HoloLens prototype

Microsoft reaffirmed its dedication to HoloLens at BUILD 2015 by letting users experience live demos with a prototype that looks exactly like that shown on stage. We went hands on…

  • Pros: Absolutely immersive , Surprisingly easy to use , Wireless…
  • Cons: Tight fit , Limited field of view , Image quality still…

Square-Enix creates jaw-dropping PC gaming tech demo for BUILD keynote

A tech demo created by Square-Enix shows off the graphics capabilities of Windows 10 and DirectX 12. It's stunningly beautiful, but it also requires $4,000 in graphics hardware -- for now, at least.


Say goodbye to Micro$oft – the new Microsoft is all about openness

In the past Microsoft was viewed as an all-conquering, closed-off behemoth, and for good reason. At this year's BUILD, though, the company clarified that it wants to be kinder, gentler and more inclusive. The days of Micro$oft may be over.


You can now create Minecraft mods using Java in Visual Studio

Microsoft has announced that, thanks to a new add-in for Visual Studio, anyone familiar with Java can create mods for Minecraft. The tool is meant to be a gateway for young developers.


Microsoft sets its sights on the Internet of Things with lightweight Windows 10 preview

Microsoft has released a preview version of Windows 10 IoT Core, a specialized edition of the OS designed for use with low-power devices like the Raspberry Pi and Arduino.


How Microsoft’s bold plan to extend Windows could bring it back into favor

Microsoft's BUILD keynote demonstrates the company's vigor to expand the Windows OS beyond the realm of the PC and into new areas, expanding its reach well beyond desktops and laptops.