Microsoft Build 2016: Complete Coverage

Microsoft’s annual developer conference will set the stage for coming Windows updates and may reveal more about the company’s continued plans for Windows on mobile, and even Xbox. Fans should keep eyes on the event, which runs from March 30 to April 1.

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Developers cheer as Microsoft takes Xamarin cross-platform development free, open-source

Xamarin, which Microsoft bought last month, is now a free part of Visual Studio. Now .NET and C# developers can make iOS, Android, and Windows apps all at once, using the free Community version of Visual Studio.
Virtual Reality

Collaborating with holograms: Could ‘mixed reality’ be the future of telecommuting?

A HoloLens app could allow workers to collaborate in 'mixed reality,' attending meetings using Microsoft's augmented reality headset. Users become avatars, who can look around at real-life objects in the room.

Is Microsoft shifting its focus again, or losing it?

Microsoft’s Build 2016 wasn’t the most exciting two and a half hours, and light on Windows features or products, but it gave the company a chance to outline its new AI platforms that developers can easily harness for their own software.

BUILD 2016: Microsoft talks Cortana, Skype, bots, and intelligence APIs

During the BUILD 2016 keynote, Microsoft talked about upcoming features in Cortana and Skype. The personal assistant will be more integrated into Skype, allowing users to make changes to the Calendar or book a hotel.

From Windows to AI, here’s everything Microsoft Announced at Build 2016

Microsoft showed off the future of Windows 10, Xbox, Hololens, and artificial intelligence at its 2016 BUILD Keynote. Here is a roundup of all the news and announcements from the presentation.

Skype now has the smarts to book your trip, order pizza, and more with Cortana

Skype may be known for video chatting, but the app is set to play a much more prominent role in your life going forward with Cortana integration and bots, both of which can be helpful in day to day tasks.

If you ordered a HoloLens dev kit, it starts shipping today 1:40

Excited to develop for Microsoft's augmented reality headset? The $3,000 HoloLens' developer kit will be shipping to developers today, and included is the headset, a case, and a Clicker to help navigate the user interface.

Any Xbox One can become a game dev unit starting today

A preview of the long-promised Xbox Developer Mode is available today, allowing anyone to turn a retail Xbox One console into a developer kit for the new Universal Windows Platform.