Microsoft Build 2015: Complete Coverage

Windows 10 is just around the corner, which makes this year’s BUILD conference a pivotal one for Microsoft. From Cortana integration to Android app compatibility, the company is showing off some enticing new features for the new OS, along with more details on projects like HoloLens. Read on for our full coverage.

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Windows Hello wants to protect you, but biometric login will be mandatory

Today at Microsoft's Build event, the company showcased its plans to include three different styles of biometric security, fingerprint reading, facial recognition, and iris scanning, in upcoming builds of Windows 10.

Cortana learns a few new tricks in Windows 10 build 10074

This build marks the first “Insider Preview” build, as opposed to the “Technical Preview” label that Windows Insiders have been seeing for a year. It includes updates to Cortana and the re-introduction of an Aero Glass effect for…

Developers can port games between Windows 10 devices with just a few lines of code

Microsoft's game evangelists spent a BUILD 2015 session highlighting the company's vision for cross-device gaming, which includes easy porting of titles from Windows 10 for desktop to mobile devices and even to the Xbox One.

BUILD 2015 held plenty of surprises, but where was the new Surface Pro?

This year’s BUILD keynote offered plenty of surprises, but it was also notably lacking several expected announcements, such as a new Surface Pro 4. Does this mean Microsoft is shifting focus once more?

Microsoft wants the HoloLens to put apps on your walls, cadavers in your living room

Rather than building what's available at the moment, Microsoft has set a lofty goal for themselves with the HoloLens - and it's starting to get there.

Project Spartan will be called Microsoft Edge, support Chrome and Firefox extensions

Microsoft has announced that the browser formerly known as Project Spartan will be officially known as Edge. The company also revealed it plans to support Chrome and Firefox extensions in the browser.

Microsoft wants you to use its Windows Store for apps, makes a ton of changes

Microsoft has given the Windows Store a long-overdue makeover, introducing carrier billing, subscriptions, and a host of features aimed at developers and enterprise.

Your Windows 10 phone might be the only PC you’ll ever need

Microsoft announced that its Continuum feature for Windows 10 will also be supported on Windows 10 phones. Continuum lets you run your phone like a basic PC, since it blows up every app, though you will need new hardware.