PlayStation 4: News & Announcements

Sony has thrown down the gauntlet in the next phase of the perpetual battle between gaming console manufacturers, and the PlayStation 4 has officially been unveiled. The news came as something of a surprise too. It was no secret that Sony was working on a PS4, and has been for years, but to announce it this early was a bold move. Perhaps the manufacturer learned its lesson with the PS3 launch. After giving Nintendo and Microsoft a huge head start, it took nearly five years to catch up. The announcement of the PS4 puts the pressure on Microsoft, and could steal what momentum the Wii U has going into the eighth generation of consoles.

But even with the unveiling, this is just the beginning. The reveal brings with it plenty of questions that will be answered slowly over the following months until the new system is released. For now, here’s what we know.

Latest Stories

Sony announces $100 PlayStation TV for streaming games

Originally only available in Japan, the PlayStation TV will be coming to North America and Europe. The set top box for gamers will start at $100, with a bundle available for $140.

LittleBigPlanet 3 revealed at Sony’s E3 event, focuses on co-op

LittleBigPlanet is back and this time it's on the PS4, featuring four characters, co-op puzzles and backward-compatible support for millions of levels, all coming to the PS4 for the holiday season

Sony unveils BloodBorne at E3, from creators of Dark Souls

Sony took to the E3 stage to show off some new games. One of those titles was BloodBorne, a new IP from the creators of the Dark Souls franchise which will be available in 2015.

Sony reveals Destiny-themed PS4 Glacier White console bundle, July 17 Beta

Destiny is the latest IP from Halo developer Bungie, and will look to make a splash on the PS4. It will be available bundled with a glacier white PS4 and 500GB hard drive, plus a free month of PS Plus.

Sony shows off experiments in augmented reality for PlayStation 4

Sony posts two videos on the Japanese PlayStation website that demonstrate the PlayStation 4's potential for providing augmented reality experiences.

Dragon Age: Inquisition is out on October 7

BioWare's latest gameplay trailer for Dragon Age: Inquisition confirms that the long-awaited sequel will be out on October 7 for PlayStation/Xbox consoles and Windows.