PlayStation 4: News & Announcements

Sony has thrown down the gauntlet in the next phase of the perpetual battle between gaming console manufacturers, and the PlayStation 4 has officially been unveiled. The news came as something of a surprise too. It was no secret that Sony was working on a PS4, and has been for years, but to announce it this early was a bold move. Perhaps the manufacturer learned its lesson with the PS3 launch. After giving Nintendo and Microsoft a huge head start, it took nearly five years to catch up. The announcement of the PS4 puts the pressure on Microsoft, and could steal what momentum the Wii U has going into the eighth generation of consoles.

But even with the unveiling, this is just the beginning. The reveal brings with it plenty of questions that will be answered slowly over the following months until the new system is released. For now, here’s what we know.

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Sony “not seeing a cent” of Shenmue 3 Kickstarter funds, creator says

Yu Suzuku clarified how the Kickstarter funds for Shenmue 3 are being used in an update, promising that Sony is "not seeing a cent" of the funds, and that Shenmue 3 will be "true to its name," regardless of whether it hits its stretch goals.


Sony’s updated PS4 will be thinner, lighter, boast 1TB storage

In two separate announcements today, Sony has revealed that the long-awaited 1TB model of the PlayStation 4 is finally coming, and that future PS4s will see a reduction in weight and the amount of power they consume.


After years in the dark, The Last Guardian will be released in 2016

After years of a complete lack of information, Sony finally announced that The Last Guardian is alive and will be released sometime next year. The game has been in development for 8 years and was announced in 2009.


Watch everything we expect to see at E3 2015 in 3 minutes

With Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo and the world's most popular game developers taking to the stage to share their news for the upcoming year. Joshua shares his expectations for this years big E3 event and what exactly you should anticipate from the week of news.


Driveclub PS Plus edition is finally in the ‘final stages’ of development

Originally slated to arrive alongside the full version of the game, the PlayStation Plus edition of Driveclub was delayed indefinitely in order to ease the server load the game was seeing at launch. Now it seems it's finally almost here.


Embrace the future of gaming with one of these 5 great PS4 bundle deals

Now nearing its 18-month anniversary, the Sony PlayStation 4 is just now finally coming into its own. Check out our brief roundup of the best PS4 bundles if you're looking to make the jump to the next-gen system, whether you're looking to pick up an extra…


Fallout 4 will never come to Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3, says Bethesda

Bethesda community manager Matt Grandstaff has confirmed that the upcoming Fallout 4 will only be available on current-gen consoles and the PC, with no PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 ports planned for future release.


Warriors vs. Cavs: We simulated the entire NBA finals in 2K15, and the winner is …

Joshua Smith picks up the controller and inserts NBA 2K15 to simulate who will win this year's NBA Finals matchup; the Golden State Warriors or the Cleveland Cavaliers.