PlayStation 4: News & Announcements

Sony has thrown down the gauntlet in the next phase of the perpetual battle between gaming console manufacturers, and the PlayStation 4 has officially been unveiled. The news came as something of a surprise too. It was no secret that Sony was working on a PS4, and has been for years, but to announce it this early was a bold move. Perhaps the manufacturer learned its lesson with the PS3 launch. After giving Nintendo and Microsoft a huge head start, it took nearly five years to catch up. The announcement of the PS4 puts the pressure on Microsoft, and could steal what momentum the Wii U has going into the eighth generation of consoles.

But even with the unveiling, this is just the beginning. The reveal brings with it plenty of questions that will be answered slowly over the following months until the new system is released. For now, here’s what we know.

Latest Stories

Get ready to raid: free Incursions DLC arrives for The Division on April 12

The first free DLC add-on promised for The Division, titled Incursions, arrives for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on April 12, bringing new sets of gear, loot trading, and the titular Incursion, "Falcon Lost."

Report: Sony preparing to launch 4K-capable “PS4.5”

Sony may be preparing to release a more powerful version of the PlayStation 4, anecdotally referred to as the PlayStation 4.5, with a more powerful GPU
Virtual Reality

Camera, controllers and minigame collection round out $500 PS VR bundle

Just days after Sony detailed the launch date and pricing for its PlayStation VR headset, the company has outlined a bundle set to offer players everything required bar a PlayStation 4 console.

Sony exec says PS4 / Xbox One cross-platform play will boil down to ‘business issues’

Sony Computer Entertainment's Shuhei Yoshida says that the technical aspects of cross-platform play between PS4 and Xbox One would likely be easy, but that "business issues" could be what would get in the way.

Final Fantasy XV will be released on September 30, according to rumor

Square Enix is set to unveil Final Fantasy XV's release date later this month, but it seems that we might not have to wait to find out. A fairly credible rumor says the game will be released on September 30.

Sony has pushed back the release date for Uncharted 4 by two more weeks

Uncharted 4, already no stranger two delays, has seen its release date pushed back yet again. The PlayStation 4 exclusive has been pushed back by two weeks, and is now slated to be released on May 10.

The next PlayStation 4 update brings Remote Play streaming to Windows and Mac

The next firmware update for the PlayStation 4 will bring Remote Play streaming to Windows PCs and Macs, the ability to appear offline, scheduling future gameplay sessions with friends, and more.

Fallout 4 for PC gets mod support in April, consoles soon after

Good news for anyone that likes to tinker with the Fallout universe, Bethesda will be unleashing official mod support for the PC platform during April and will follow with Xbox One, PS4 support.