PlayStation 4: News & Announcements

Sony has thrown down the gauntlet in the next phase of the perpetual battle between gaming console manufacturers, and the PlayStation 4 has officially been unveiled. The news came as something of a surprise too. It was no secret that Sony was working on a PS4, and has been for years, but to announce it this early was a bold move. Perhaps the manufacturer learned its lesson with the PS3 launch. After giving Nintendo and Microsoft a huge head start, it took nearly five years to catch up. The announcement of the PS4 puts the pressure on Microsoft, and could steal what momentum the Wii U has going into the eighth generation of consoles.

But even with the unveiling, this is just the beginning. The reveal brings with it plenty of questions that will be answered slowly over the following months until the new system is released. For now, here’s what we know.

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Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection PS4 bundle launches alongside game

Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection is less than a month away, and Sony has announced a new PlayStation 4 bundle to launch alongside it. The bundle includes a PS4 and a voucher for The Nathan Drake Collection for the same price as a…

Upcoming PlayStation 4 update readies the system for streaming to YouTube

With YouTube increasing its efforts to compete with Twitch as a game streaming service, Sony is adding support for streaming to the video giant in its latest PlayStation 4 firmware update, which also bumps cloud storage up to 10GB.

Sony takes a cue from Microsoft, offers an early look at PlayStation 4 updates

Sony is preparing the next major update to the PlayStation 4's system software, but first it wants a little help from the players. For the first time, Sony is looking for volunteers to take an early look at the next update.

PlayStation 4 heads to the dark side with new Darth Vader-themed Star Wars bundles 0:42

Sony has announced two Star Wars themed Playstation 4 bundles coming this November that include a limited-edition Darth Vader console, a new game, and a digital download of four classic games including Super Star Wars.

Patch coming to Rocket League next week, followed by a new free map

Being free for PlayStation Plus subscribers certainly doesn't hurt, but even on the PC, Rocket League has taken off. Now the developers have shared a look at the first free map coming to the game in a few weeks.

Unfair advantage? Play Black Ops 3 on PS4 with PC-style controls

The Hori Tactical Assault Commander 4 has shown up on Amazon, promising keyboard and mouse, PC-style controls for the PlayStation 4 this coming fall, just in time for the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops III.

PlayStation 4 media remote coming this year from PDP

As the PlayStation 4 gears up for its third year on the market, Sony's console is finally getting a multi-device media remote from manufacturer PDP.