What’s On Your Phone?

The selection of apps on one’s phone says a lot about the wielder of that phone. Is someone a gamer? A social media junky? An early adopter? Look at their phone’s home screen and find your answer. That’s why at Digital Trends, whenever we run into interesting or notable people (which happens, like, all the time), it’s pretty much the first thing we ask them: What’s on your phone? The answers, we’ve found, are frequently illuminating, entertaining, and unexpected. 

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What’s on your phone, NBA forward Harrison Barnes?

When he’s not playing forward for the Golden State Warriors, Harrison Barnes can be found on his iPhone 5S, playing Clash of Clans, interacting with fans on Twitter, and calling his next Uber cab.

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What’s on your phone, Terry Crews? (Hint: It involves his pecs)

Also known as “The Old Spice Guy” and “The Guy Who Went Toe-To-Toe With Steve Austin In ’The Expendables’,’ Crews stars in Brooklyn Nine-Nine Fox and has a totally ridiculous app you have to see to believe.


What’s on your phone, Jason Thompson?

Sacramento Kings power forward Jason Thompson used to be a Blackberry man, but the iPhone’s vast collection of apps has won his affection. Here’s which apps he’s using when he’s off the court.

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What’s on your phone, Mike Conley?

When he’s not playing point guard for the Memphis Grizzlies, Mike Conley is probably on his iPhone looking for a bite to eat in a new city, deciding which movie to see, or sharing his life with the world via social media. Check out some of the apps he uses…

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What’s On Your Phone, Ryan Nyquist?

A four-time X Games champion in the Dirt and Park disciplines, Ryan Nyquist is a BMX legend known for both trick innovation and old school guts. These days, though, his biggest trick is distracting his kids with a well-curated folder of apps.

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What’s on your phone, Ben Scrivens?

The life of a backup goalie in the NHL demands even more downtime than normal. Even after all the travel and hotels you wind up spending most of your time waiting for the starter – in Scrivens’ case, Jonathan Quick – to need a day off. Needless to say…

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