Wii U

The wait is finally over, and Nintendo’s new console has arrived! For nearly a year and a half the Japanese manufacturer has been slowly dropping tiny bits of information while rallying fans around the idea that it has created a new way to approach gaming thanks to the GamePad. On top of that, it boasted that fans that only own a Wii would soon have the chance to play some of the biggest releases of this generation of consoles, with a few new tricks exclusive to the Wii U.

And now it is finally here. The Wii U has shipped, and not to be overly dramatic, but NOTHING WILL EVER BE THE SAME!

So how does the hardware stack up, and what are the launch games looking like? Read on for our full review of the Wii U, as well as reviews of several Wii U launch games. We’ll continue to update this page with reviews from now through the remainder of the launch window, which stretches through March.

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