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For two years, Microsoft has tried and tried again to make Windows Phone a popular third place contender in the smartphone market, but today it still sits with single digit (seriously, 1 digit) market share. But there is hope. Windows Phone 8 is Microsoft’s boldest attempt yet to energize consumers and handset makers. Windows Phone 8 devices will hit shelves in early November, days after Microsoft’s big Windows 8 launch on October 26 — a PC and tablet OS designed to look like Windows Phone. Below is all of our Windows Phone 8 coverage, wrapped up in one place for your reading pleasure.

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Facebook code changes mean Windows Phone no longer syncs up with the social network

A change in Facebook's Graph API means several key features in Microsoft's Windows Phone mobile operating system will no longer work correctly, including contact syncing and photo sharing.


Got a Windows Phone 8 Lumia? It will definitely get Windows 10

With Windows 10 still a year out from availability, we've assembled announces pertaining to current Windows Phone handsets receiving the update. Read on to see if your phone made the cut.


Spotify adds free music streaming to its Windows Phone app

Spotify has updated its Windows Phone 8 mobile app, and finally added a free music streaming option, a feature already available on the iOS and Android version. It's available right now.


Living all-Microsoft for a month made me want to throw a brick through Windows

I’ve spent the past few weeks computing exclusively on a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 and a pair of phones running Windows Phone 8.1. The hardware is beautiful, but the overall Windows experience had me at my wits end.


11 common problems with Windows Phone 8, and how to fix them

If you opted for Microsoft’s latest mobile platform then you might have run into one of these issues. Join us as we take a look at common Windows Phone 8 problems and offer up potential solutions.


Windows Phone 8.1 is coming: Until then, enjoy some new tips for good ole’ WP8

Could you be getting more from your Windows Phone 8 smartphone? Come on in and find out, as we explore some Windows Phone 8 tips and tricks that you might find useful.


Microsoft takes aim at China to boost Windows Phone

The emerging markets around the globe are starting to attract more and more competition. Microsoft has announced plans to offer cheap phones in these areas in partnership with chip manufacturer Qualcomm


Welcome to the drone club, Windows users! Quadrocopter maker partners with Microsoft

Good news, Windows users! Popular drone maker Parrot has partnered with Microsoft to allow you to control the Parrot AR Drone 2.0 quadrocopter with your Windows machine. Check out more after the jump.

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