Windows Phone 8 Coverage

For two years, Microsoft has tried and tried again to make Windows Phone a popular third place contender in the smartphone market, but today it still sits with single digit (seriously, 1 digit) market share. But there is hope. Windows Phone 8 is Microsoft’s boldest attempt yet to energize consumers and handset makers. Windows Phone 8 devices will hit shelves in early November, days after Microsoft’s big Windows 8 launch on October 26 — a PC and tablet OS designed to look like Windows Phone. Below is all of our Windows Phone 8 coverage, wrapped up in one place for your reading pleasure.

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Weekly mobile wrap: Hurricane and Halloween edition

Hurricane Sandy knocked out power on the East Coast, but it couldn't knock the wind out of the sails of mobile's top competitors. Microsoft unveils Windows Phone 8, Google releases its upcoming lineup, Apple is put in time out, and more in…

Microsoft still testing its own Windows Phone 8 device, just in case things go wrong elsewhere

Once again, Microsoft has been linked with developing its own Windows Phone 8 smartphone, something it has denied in the past despite evidence stacking up to the contrary. Is such a device likely to ever go on sale?
Product Review

HTC Windows Phone 8X Review

HTC Windows Phone 8X Review.

Interested in Windows Phone 8? Here’s a complete roundup of upcoming devices

We give a quick and comprehensive overview of the devices set to launch alongside Microsoft's Windows Phone 8. Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T subscribers will have good Windows Phone options this holiday season.

New Windows Phone 8 apps incoming, as Microsoft finally outs development kit

After many months of waiting, Microsoft has released the Windows Phone 8 SDK, meaning developers can finally get started on filling up the Windows Phone Store with apps that take advantage of the OS's new features.

Microsoft says games will make Windows Phone 8 a winner, but what’s different?

Windows Phone 8 phones are coming out this fall, marking the next phase of Microsoft's grand Windows 8 transformation. The company says that video games will help the mobile platform thrive, but the company's made the same claims before and…