Windows Phone 8 Coverage

For two years, Microsoft has tried and tried again to make Windows Phone a popular third place contender in the smartphone market, but today it still sits with single digit (seriously, 1 digit) market share. But there is hope. Windows Phone 8 is Microsoft’s boldest attempt yet to energize consumers and handset makers. Windows Phone 8 devices will hit shelves in early November, days after Microsoft’s big Windows 8 launch on October 26 — a PC and tablet OS designed to look like Windows Phone. Below is all of our Windows Phone 8 coverage, wrapped up in one place for your reading pleasure.

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Microsoft linked to little-known phone manufacturer Phicomm, possible Windows Phone deal brewing

A little-known Chinese Android phone manufacturer named Phicomm has been linked with Microsoft, and is said to be negotiating a deal to license Windows Phone 8.

Nokia admits risk of Microsoft building a Windows Phone 8-powered Surface Phone

In a new filing with the SEC, Nokia has added a section commenting on the potential impact of Microsoft releasing a Windows Phone 8-powered mobile phone. The so-called Surface Phone has been rumored for a while, but there has been no…

Bored of your Windows Phone 8 Start screen? Here are 5 ways to customize it

To help inspire Windows Phone 8 users everywhere, we've put together a few different Start screen layouts to show off its impressive customization options. Ultimately, we were impressed by the flexibility of the homescreen in comparison to…

Microsoft job description hints at next version of Windows Phone coming end of 2013

Microsoft's recruitment team has accidentally given us a clue as to when the next version of Windows Phone will be released, as a job description says the Windows Phone team is currently, "targeting the holiday season."

Microsoft announces that Windows Phone Store surpasses 130,000 apps

Windows makes some major headway in the app world as Microsoft announced they recently surpassed 130,000 apps. With an added increase in the downloads of Windows Phone 8 SDK, this trend should increase, as more developers continue to create…

Nokia announces the budget Lumia 520, and it’s coming to T-Mobile

The new Nokia Lumia 520 shares the same design language as previous Lumias and won't wow you with specs, but your budget will appreciate the low price coupled with sleek design and soem sweet pre-loaded apps.

Nokia Lumia 720 not coming to U.S. (so far)

Nokia introduced a second affordable and well-designed phone at Mobile World Congress: the Lumia 720. Sadly, this one isn't coming to America. Too bad, because it's a sweet-looking smartphone with a camera made to make iPhone owners weep.

Microsoft job postings reveal Windows Blue update coming to your PC and phone

Can't stand some of the inconsistencies in the Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 interfaces? According to alleged job postings, help is on the way from Microsoft as it staffs up for the Windows Blue refresh.