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For two years, Microsoft has tried and tried again to make Windows Phone a popular third place contender in the smartphone market, but today it still sits with single digit (seriously, 1 digit) market share. But there is hope. Windows Phone 8 is Microsoft’s boldest attempt yet to energize consumers and handset makers. Windows Phone 8 devices will hit shelves in early November, days after Microsoft’s big Windows 8 launch on October 26 — a PC and tablet OS designed to look like Windows Phone. Below is all of our Windows Phone 8 coverage, wrapped up in one place for your reading pleasure.

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How to take a screenshot on the Nokia Lumia 920 (or any Windows Phone)

Want to learn how to take a screenshot on your Nokia Lumia 920 (or other Windows Phone)? Here is the info you need to capture a screenshot and send it to your friends over email, text, or Facebook.

Nokia to hold MWC press event on February 25, could a Windows tablet be the headline release?

Nokia has invited members of the press to an event at Mobile World Congress, where it's possible the company will debut its first Windows RT tablet, along with at least one new entry into its range of Windows Phone 8 smartphones.
Product Review

Nokia Lumia 920 Review

Nokia Lumia 920 Review.

The Life and Tiles of a Windows 8 Convert: Sometimes, I hate being an early adopter

In the seventh edition of Life and Tiles, Andrew begins to tire of how difficult it is to be an early adopter. Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 are still missing the apps and features of Apple's ecosystems. Will it drive him mad?
Product Review

Samsung ATIV Odyssey Review

Samsung ATIV Odyssey Review.

Nokia to shell out $1 billion to Microsoft to license Windows Phone

Nokia announced in its earnings report that it will pay Microsoft $1 billion in royalties for Windows Phone usage.

Samsung Ativ Odyssey comes to Verizon today, faces stiff competition from the Nokia Lumia 822

Verizon has announced the availability of the Samsung Ativ Odyssey, the latest addition to its range of Windows Phone 8 hardware, however it faces stiff competition from the Nokia Lumia 822.

Nokia EOS rumored to be first true PureView Windows Phone

Nokia is rumored to be working on the first, true PureView camera phone to run Windows Phone 8. According to a new report, the device has the codename EOS and will launch later this year.