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ZTE Axon Watch 2:30

ZTE has big plans for its flagship Axon range. We’ve seen the original Axon smartphone and the spinoff Axon Elite already, but if it wants to create a family of high-spec devices along the same lines as Samsung’s Galaxy S line…

We Try Out Acer’s Futuristic Predator 8 Gaming Tablet 3:04

Acer has turned its attention to mobile gaming with the announcement of the Predator 8 tablet, which comes with several cool features and a funky design. Can the performance live up to those sci-fi looks?
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Hi-res audio was big at IFA 2015, but are you willing to pay for it? 2:36

Hi-resolution audio might not take off until Apple gives it permission, but that isn't stopping the rest of the music and electronics industries from pushing forward with it anyway. Never has this been more evident than at the IFA…
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Bang and Olufsen A6 1:32

Bang & Olufsen's wireless speaker family just got a whole lot bigger. At IFA 2015 in Berlin, the company announced the launch of its A6 wireless speaker, and in true Bang & Olufsen style, it is simultaneously eye-catching and…
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Yamaha Dolby Atmos Soundbar – IFA 2015 1:39

What this broad black bar accomplishes is truly impressive -- so much so that it won our Best Tech of IFA 2015 award in the audio category -- and you have to hear it to believe it yourself.

Lenovo Yoga 260 laptop Hands on – IFA 2015 1:28

Lenovo’s Yoga started as a single laptop – arguably one of the most influential in the past half-decade, as almost everyone has emulated its design. Since then, it has expanded into an entire model line and became a flagship…

Alcatel 17-inch Xess tablet 2:13

Alcatel's Xess is a small TV masquerading as an Android tablet with its gigantic 17.3-inch screen and powerful JBL speakers. The name Alcatel chose for its new 17.3-inch tablet, Xess, raises an interesting point. How big is too…

Acer Predator 17 gaming laptop 2:14

Acer and gaming haven’t always gone hand-in-hand. While the company has offered Predator products in the past, it hasn’t been entirely consistent – updates have lagged behind hardware releases, leaving gaps in the line. And…

Alcatel Go Watch and Go Smartphone 1:54

Alcatel Onetouch unveiled the latest releases in its Go series at IFA in Berlin. There's the Go Play smartphone and the Go Watch. They're colorful, waterproof, and fairly rugged. Plus, they're being offered at seriously low…

Best of IFA 2015 3:05

With tens of thousands in attendance, and more than 25 halls packed with the latest gadgetry, IFA is a sight to behold. And behold it we have!
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Parrot’s unveils futuristic Zik 3 wireless headphones 1:49

Parrot may be best known for crowding the skies with drones, but the company also knows a thing or two about wireless headphones. The latest offering, the Zik 3, offers stylish design, and a host of new features from wireless…
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Sennheiser HD 400 Headphones – IFA 2015 0:53

Sennheiser is often better known for its high-end offerings, but the company has been offering high quality sound at affordable prices in its HD 400 series for quite a while. That line is about to get a little bigger, as three new…