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Jins Meme smart glasses 1:44

Jins Meme smart glasses Smartglasses have a bad rap. Google Glass Explorers are typically called Glassholes and are even banned from bars, upon occasion. However, not all smart eyewear has to be so obvious. Jins’ Meme is the most subtle and intriguing…

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Volkswagen Golf R Touch gesture control system 3:32

Volkswagen Golf R Touch gesture control system VW has also demonstrated its move from touchscreen to fully touch-less gesture-based controls for future infotainment systems. Shown in the Golf R Touch concept, drivers will be able to control their media…

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treVolo electrostatic Bluetooth speaker 1:03

treVolo electrostatic Bluetooth speaker We first got wind of BenQ’s treVolo (previously called eVolo) Bluetooth speaker back in October. Though we’ve seen enough portable speakers for two lifetimes, this first ever electrostatic Bluetooth speaker is…

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Sennheiser Urbanite XL Wireless headphones 0:51

Sennheiser Urbanite XL Wireless headphones There isn’t a lot of room for improvement on Sennheiser’s Urbanite XL, which sport a rich and powerful sound signature laden in a stylish, durable frame. As such, the company decided to take the only step…

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OneWheel electric skateboard 2:37

OneWheel electric skateboard After spending a few days wading through the sea of cutting edge technology on display at CES, you start to notice certain trends happening in the industry. This year, among a few other trends, we noticed a rising tide of personal…

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Philips Fidelio B5 sound bar 1:24

Philips Fidelio B5 sound bar Philips is on a roll with its Fidelio sound bar system. At CES 2014, the company introduced the first sound bar with truly wireless surround speakers, and it was a hit, earning Digital Trends’ Best of CES award in the Home…

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Philips Fidelio N1CL lightning headphones 1:03

Philips Fidelio N1CL lightning headphones The standard 3.5mm headphone jack is the portable headphone equivalent to the power outlet: It’s simple. It works. It’s been around for forever. But in order to expand what’s possible in any field, it…

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ACTON Rocket Skates 0:59

ACTON Rocket Skates Rocket skates have been the stuff of childhood fantasy ever since Wile E. Coyote first strapped a pair of miniature Acme rockets on an old pair of roller skates as part of a harebrained scheme devised to capture The Road Runner (which…

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Dell XPS 13 1:26

Dell XPS 13 Bezels are a nuisance. They rob users of precious millimeters that might be better used to reduce the size and weight of a system. It’s unlikely they’ll ever be eliminated completely, at least not with current LCD technology, but…

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LG Color Prime 4K televisions 2:31

LG Color Prime 4K televisions If you’ve been following along with all the coverage of the new TVs premiering at CES 2015, then you may be a little confused. We understand. There’s been a lot of talk about industry terms like quantum dots, phosphor…

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Klipsch Reference Premiere Wireless speaker system 1:12

Klipsch Reference Premiere Wireless speaker system The days of the A/V receiver may finally be numbered. Iconic American speaker maker, Klipsch, has introduced a wireless home theater system that eliminates the need for speaker wires and external amplification…

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LG Twin Washing Machine 1:05

LG Twin Washing Machine Laundry pedestals are nothing new. The space-saving device acts as a storage unit that goes underneath front-load washers. Instead of using the pedestal as a place to stash detergent and fabric softener, LG decided to turn it into a…

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Audeze EL-8 audiophile headphones 1:09

Audeze EL-8 audiophile headphones You’ll find no shortage of headphones invading the halls of CES 2015 in Las Vegas, but when the gurus at Audeze debut a new pair of cans, the record stops. This year, the company premiered the EL-8, an incredibly…

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Sony X940C 4K UHD TV 1:08

Sony X940C 4K UHD TV Two of the finest televisions we reviewed in 2014 were the Sony X900B and the X950B, but they presented consumers with a bit of a conundrum. Both offered incredible picture quality for an LED/LCD TV, but where  offered full array LED…

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Liquid Image’s Ego LS 800 cam does action, CCTV, and LTE streaming all in one 1:03

In addition to a tiny form factor and super high-definition video recording, the Ego LS 800 can also broadcast live video through Verizon's 4G LTE network.

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