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Sony Xperia Z5 – Hands on 1:37

The Xperia Z5 brings a fingerprint sensor and a speedy camera to what was already a solid smartphone series, but will it make sense beside a stronger big brother and more compact little brother?
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Sony Headphones – IFA 2015 1:38

Sony has announced a new headphone brand, called H.ear On, alongside two new Walkmans at IFA 2015 earlier today. Both devices will support hi-res audio as part of Sony's big push for the format.

Moto 360 smartwatch (2015) Hands-on 2:54

Motorola is uniquely positioned as the fashion leader in the Android world, which means it’s uniquely well-suited to tackling the challenge of making attractive, personal smartwatches. The new Moto 360 is fully customizable with…

Huawei Watch News: Specs, Price, Launch Date 2:39

The Huawei Watch is a very attractive Android Wear smartwatch with a round face and all the specs you'd expect. Here's everything you need to know about the device from specs to price and release date.

Top 5 Games of E3 2015 3:22

E3 2015 is a whirlwind of gaming insanity. With games like Fallout 4, the Final Fantasy 7 remake, Star Wars: Battlefront, and so many other big-name titles dropping, picking the top five you're most excited for can prove to be a…

What to Expect from E3 2015 3:06

Every year the forces of video games unite in Los Angeles to present to the world their latest work at a convention called E3. With the likes of Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo and more all taking to the stage to show what gamers can…

Lenovo Vibe Shot – Hands On 1:06

We've seen a few crossover devices over the years that attempt to combine quality camera hardware with a fully functioning smartphone, but the Vibe Shot is Lenovo's first foray into this space. The Vibe Shot is impressively slim…

Best of MWC 2015 3:35

Mobile World Congress is drawing to a close in Barcelona, but announcements of new gadgets and services keep pouring out like a leaky faucet. If you haven’t been poring over your news feed, it’s easy to miss the biggest news.
Cool Tech

MyFC JAQ Fuel Cell Charger 1:02

The MyFC JAQ is a new product from Sweden that lets you charge your phone up using a simple, credit card-sized cartridge, or fuel cell, filled with water and salts. The product consists of a beautifully designed, pocket-friendly…
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Robot Dances to Michael Jackson

You may not have heard of BQ, but the Spanish company is the second largest smartphone manufacturer in Spain. BQ produces a large selection of mid-range smartphones, tablets, and ebook readers. But who cares about any of that…

Nokia N1 tablet: Hands On, Release Date, Price, Specs, Etc 2:25

The Nokia N1 is the famous company's return to the mobile world, although it's not a smartphone, but an Android tablet. Nokia has installed its own Z Launcher, which learns how you use the tablet and adapts it to make the…

Yezz – Project Ara 2:29

Yezz is a smartphone company you may not know, but it made quite an impact just prior to Mobile World Congress by announcing it would display a range of modules designed for use with Google’s Project Ara smartphone. While we…