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samsung un85s9 press

Samsung UN85S9 review

What does a $40,000 television look like? That’s what we aimed to find out when we visited Samsung in Los Angeles to get a close look and hands-on experience with its UN85S9 Ultra HD/4K television. Full Review »

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At this point, buying a new television feels like car shopping. There are myriad makes, models, shapes, and sizes, each armed with varying flavors of difficult-to-understand technology, and it's all being explained to you by a salesman with one eye on his commission and the other on another customer. Plus, some of the most exciting TVs on the market are priced like mid-size sedans. That means you need to be as well informed about this stuff as you are about your vehicle purchases, and that's where we come in. We understand the difference between LED, 4K, OLED, and every other TV-related acronym. We sacrifice our retinas staring at test patterns and test-driving models so you don't have to. We explain all the techno-babble in plain English so, when you're confronted by the aforementioned salesman, you can say, "Thanks kid, but I've got this.

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