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Vizio M470SL

We haven't had a chance to fully test this product yet, but we've assembled this helpful overview of relevant information on it.

The Vizio M470SL is one of the larger screen size options available in Vizio’s new M-series of LED-LCD TVs. This model features a full 1080p screen resolution giving out the best possible picture, edge-lit LED backlighting that makes the picture bright and clear no matter the external lighting, a 120Hz refresh rate, a 47″ screen and internet connectivity. Vizio’s internet capable TVs feature their own applications that are labeled VIA (Vizio Internet Applications) that give users games, utilities and all sorts of other fun things to play with. The M-series also features three HDMI ports and two USB ports. The Vizio M470SL is currently available for purchase and is priced from $879.99 and up.

Features List:

– 47″ Screen

– 120Hz Refresh Rate

– Full 1080p

– Edge-lit LED Backlighting

– Internet Connectivity (VIA Apps)

– 3 HDMI/2 USB

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