Aaron Colter

Aaron Colter

Former Digital Trends Contributor

The Testament Of Sherlock Holmes review: Technical flaws are afoot

Technical flaws mar an otherwise enjoyable original take on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's famed detective, in The Testament of Sherlock Holmes.

Ouya: ‘Over a thousand’ developers want to make Ouya games

Alongside announcements of personnel acquisitions, the creators of the Android-based Ouya console have revealed massive developer support.

Marvel Vs Capcom Origins review: Nostalgia sells, ’nuff said

Wolverine battles Mega Man once again as Capcom offers gamers the reheated roots of the Marvel Vs Capcom franchise.

Dead Or Alive 5 review: Style over substance

Dead Or Alive 5 is not the best fighter you'll play this year, but you can't deny its charm.

Anomaly: Warzone Earth review

Though less complex than it initially seems, Anomaly Warzone Earth offers an addictive strategy fix for very little money.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 review

Not only is Tekken Tag Tournament 2 the biggest King Of Iron Fist tournament yet, it's also the best.

The Walking Dead: Episode 3 review

The latest episode of Telltale's Walking Dead adventure game has arrived, and despite all odds, it's the best one yet.

Persona 4 Arena review

Can a hybrid of a fighter and an RPG succeed? Atlus and Arc System Works hope to find the answer in Persona 4 Arena.

Contest: Win a Trü Protection Olympic-themed iPhone case!

Get into the Olympic spirit by entering for a chance to win your own Tru Protection Spirit of Competition iPhone case.

Contest: Win a Spigen iPad Hardbook S Series case

Share your tales of doomed gadgets in the comments section for a chance to win one of Spigen's iPad Hardbook S Series cases.

Yellow Jacket: The iPhone case that doubles as a stun gun

For those whose personal safety is a major concern, this iPhone case can give your assailants a shock therapy for ever trying to mess with you.

The Walking Dead: Episode 2 review

Telltale's adaptation of Robert Kirkman's zombie comic series is back, and it's better than ever.