Adam Rosenberg

Adam Rosenberg

Former Digital Trends Contributor
Previously, Adam worked in the games press as a freelance writer and critic for a range of outlets, including Digital Trends, Joystiq, G4, Official Xbox Magazine, MTV News, and Rolling Stone.
Game Review

Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare Review

Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare review.

Tony Hawk mobile game confirmed, but can the series grind out a hit? [updated]

There's a new Tony Hawk skateboarding game in development, though that's all Activision will confirm. What could be next for the Neversoft-created series that's been passed around since 2008?

Nintendo Wii and DS to lose online play support in May 2014

Nintendo announces a plan to shut down online gaming services for the Wii and DS/DSi on May 20, 2014. No reason is given for the shutdown.

Xbox One indie program now include projects from Limbo, Crush, and Tony Hawk devs

Microsoft reveals a list of more than 60 indie developers of varying sizes and backgrounds, all of which are working on Xbox One content under the ID@Xbox publishing program.
Movies & TV

Sandman adaptation nabs established UK TV writer Jack Thorne

The Joseph Gordon-Levitt/David Goyer-produced adaptation of Neil Gaiman's Sandman moves forward with UK TV writer Jack Thorne set to develop the script from Goyer's story treatment.

Outlast set to scare again in April’s ‘Whistleblower’ add-on

Outlast developer Red Barrels isn't done scaring you. April's Whistleblower DLC returns to Mount Massive for a fresh dose of terror in the shoes of the man who set the stage for our initial journey through the asylum.

Call of Duty Elite shuts down on February 28

Activision is set to pull the plug on Beachhead Studio's Call of Duty Elite on February 28. The stat-tracking service launched prior to the release of Modern Warfare 3, but Ghosts' dedicated stats app edged it out.

Batman: Arkham Origins gets Mr. Freeze DLC in April

WB Montreal is set to release the Mr. Freeze-focused "Cold, Cold Heart" DLC for Batman: Arkham Origins in April 2014. The add-on content features a new story mission and a new suit for Batman.

Dungeon Defenders 2 grows up with a new focus on colorful loot

We go hands-on with a pre-alpha version of Trendy Entertainment's action-RPG/tower defense mash-up, Dungeon Defenders 2. The game is set to arrive as a free-to-play title for PC, Mac, and Linux later in 2014.

Godzilla’s latest trailer stomps onto the Internet with a clear look at the monster’s face

The latest trailer for Godzilla shows the mighty monster as it destroys city blocks, bridges, planes, trains, and automobiles while star Bryan Cranston issues dire warnings the background.

Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes price gets slashed for PS4, Xbox One

The price of the boxed retail version of Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes on PS4 and Xbox One drops by $10. This makes the cost even compared to the download-only next-gen release and boxed retail last-gen release.

Titanfall launch ushers in Twitch streaming on Xbox One

The Twitch app on Microsoft's Xbox One console will expand to include features like live broadcasting and Kinect-powered voice commands when Titanfall launches in March.