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Aemon Malone

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‘More wood behind fewer arrows': Google to shutdown Google Labs

Google is moving ahead with a refocusing effort by dropping its product-testing branch, Google Labs.


CNN now streaming 24-hour live news to iPads and iPhones

CNN claims it has become "the first news organization to stream its linear television channels online and on mobile devices" -- but users must already subscribe to a cable or satellite TV plan in order to access the feed.


Google announces record revenues, sends shares soaring

Riding high on the intial success of Google+, Google CEO Larry Page announced today that his company achieved a record setting second quarter.


Zuckerberg, Google execs go private on Google+

In a move dripping in irony, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has decided to embrace privacy on his Google+ profile.

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Facebook launches ‘Every Phone’ app

Facebook is trying to secure its standing among mobile users with a new app that's intended for the world's majority non-smartphone users.


Report: Spotify to launch as invite-only in the U.S. this week

Any day now, Spotify will make its way across the Atlantic, bringing its music subscription service to the U.S.


Report: Second quarter ‘one of worst on record’ for online security

Attacks against company and government websites perpetrated by "hacktivist" groups like LulzSec and Anonymous are giving rise to a new era of insecurity on the Internet, according to a new report.


Judge won’t stop Amazon from using ‘Appstore’

Apple has lost its initial bid to prevent Amazon from calling its own app portal "Appstore."


Hackers uncover new PDF exploit for iOS jailbreak is back online, once again making jailbreaking a cinch and simultaneously raising concerns about iOS security.


Google+ awaiting Apple’s approval for release in iOS App Store

Apple is in the process of deciding whether it will allow Google's new social network onto iPhones and iPads, according to a Google employee.


Zynga files for IPO

Zynga has become the latest tech company to catch the IPO fever by filing its SI paperwork today.


New Gmail on the way, sneak peak now available

Google has confirmed that it's working on a new and improved version of Gmail and we show you how you can catch a glimpse of what it will look like.


Samsung trying to halt import of iPhones, iPads

Samsung and Apple continue to trade blows in a fight over mobile patents.


Google launches tool to convert Flash into iPhone-friendly HTML5

Google has an experimental new product out that promises to convert Flash-based ads and animations into an OS X friendly HTML5 format.


The Vatican gets serious about social media with new online portal

The Pope will reportedly click the mouse that launches a new online portal that will aggregate the Vatican's varied media efforts.

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