Aemon Malone

Aemon Malone

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Acer to challenge the iPad by releasing Android, Windows tablets

Acer plans to offer three tablet options with two supporting Google's Android OS and one running Microsoft's Windows 7.

The iPad tops children’s wish lists

Preteens are more interested in iPads and iPod Touches than they are in a Playstation 3 or Xbox 360, according to a Nielsen survey.

Rare Apple computer fetches $210,700 at auction

The 1976 Apple-1 is about 1,000 times slower than today's iPad, but included two autographs from Apple's co-founders.

Samsung sells over 600,000 Galaxy Tabs in one month

The Tab's strong sales suggest it's a worthy rival to Apple's iPad.

Verizon claims broadband speed title

Verizon has unveiled a new option for FiOS subscribers that delivers downloads speeds three times faster than previously offered by the company.

Netflix offers subscription plan just for unlimited streaming

Netflix new subscription plan comes with price hikes for users who still want the option to receive discs by mail.

Viacom yanks The Daily Show, other shows from Google TV

Viacom's move is the latest chapter in a stormy relationship between to the two companies.
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The NFL’s Eagles to be energy independent next season

The Eagles plan to transform Lincoln Financial Field into the world's first energy independent major sports stadium.

Call of Duty: Black Ops breaks five day sales record

The Call of Duty series continues its winning ways out grossing blockbuster movies after less than a week on the market.

Disney partners with Gowalla to bring location-based service to parks

Gowalla plans to offer 200 custom "stamps" to Disney visitors using its location-based mobile app.

Steve Wozniak says Android will dominate the smartphone market

Steve Wozniak reveals Apple's pre-iPhone smartphone development and makes a prediction about the future of the mobile industry.

Online ad business is booming

Internet ad revenues reached record highs in this year's third quarter.