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Aemon Malone

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Google pulls streaming music app Grooveshark from Android Market

Grooveshark still hasn't worked it out with the record labels and that may have cost it a spot in Google's Android Marketplace.
Cool Tech

FBI crowdsources codebreaking to help solve murder mystery

The FBI wants the public to help it de-code two mysterious notes found on the body of murdered man.

Report: Google may be target of FTC antitrust investigation

Google may be soon be on the receiving end of an FTC probe which would be the tech industry's biggest such investigation since Microsoft.

Anonymous threatens Sony over PS3 jailbreak lawsuits

Anonymous has set its sights on Sony, claiming its lawsuits against the PS3 jailbreakers constitutes "unforgivable offense against free speech and internet freedom."

Tickets for Apple’s WWDC selling for over $3,500 apiece on eBay

The iPad 2 isn't Apple's only hot item on eBay. Single tickets for June's WWDC are selling for double -- sometimes near triple -- their face value.

Google launches regional domains for Tunisia and Iraq

Google continues its quest to cover 99 of the world's Internet users with the launch of google,iq and google,tn, covering the countries of Iraq and Tunisia respectively.

GoDaddy CEO’s elephant hunting video ignites controversy

GoDaddy CEO Bob Parsons insists that his killing of an elephant in Zimbabwe was a good thing, but so far he appears to be in the minority.

‘Creepy’ app threatens the privacy of social network users

Creepy calls itself a 'geolocation information aggregator' and it should prove to be a hit among those with stalker tendencies.

Microsoft and Apple hire linguists to dispute ‘App Store’ claim

When the linguists begin weighing in, you know things are getting serious...

Microsoft claims IE9 is the most battery-friendly Web browser

Microsoft's own study has revealed that its Internet Explorer 9 beats out the competition when it comes to energy consumption -- under certain conditions.

New York Times paywall proves easy to subvert

The New York Times paywall is up and running, but loopholes abound.

Report: iPhone 5 may be delayed until fall 2011

A new report from a Japanese Mac blog says that Apple may miss its traditional summer launch for its next iPhone model.