Amir Iliaifar

Amir Iliaifar

Associate Automotive Section Editor for Digital Trends, Amir Iliaifar covers the ever increasing cross-section between tech and automobiles. When he's not out reviewing the latest car and car tech, Amir can be found waking up at ungodly hours of the morning in order to watch his beloved football clubs: Arsenal F.C. and Juventus F.C.. You can find him on Twitter (@digitalamir) and Instagram (digitalamir), or contact him directly at

Irony alert! Tennessee Tesla driver causes blackout after crashing into power pole

For most of us, owning a Model S means driving in such a way that ensures no harm befalls it. Bur for one boneheaded Tennessee Tesla owner, caution was thrown to the wayside when she decided to drink and drive straight into a pole.


Mercedes-Benz’s Google Glass app streams directions straight to your eyeballs

Mercedes-Benz is hoping to deliver to its customers a more streamlined navigation experience with its own Google Glass app and it’s looking like Benz owners should have something to play with by 2014.


Chrysler forced to recall faulty Fiat 500e models

Chrysler has been forced to recall a number of Fiat 500e models while insisting the issue has nothing to do with the vehicle's all-electric powertrain.


RTFM*? Not anymore! Audi replacing 2015 A3 manual with interactive augmented reality app

Audi wants to do away with archaic car manuals and its looking to your phone and augmented reality to get the job done.


Is Toyota’s 400hp Hybrid-R Concept the hot hatch of our dreams?

Rumors are swirling that Toyota's recently teased 400 horsepower Hybrid-R Concept is in fact a sporty Yaris hybrid in disguise.


Baby Macan SUV could cause sales bliss for Porsche, fund more exciting sports cars

Porche's Macan small sport utiltiy vehicle isn’t even out yet and it's already being touted as the company's best selling model.


Audi’s thinly veiled (literally) teaser video hints at new A8 and S8 sedans

Audi has released a teaser video for its upcoming 2015 A8 and S8 sedans, announcing that it will also stream the event live online on August 21.


Will the success of Tesla’s Model S speed along a $35k model with a 200-mile range?

Despite early predictions that Tesla's luxury EV would fail, the Model S has been both a critical and financial success. With the EV-maker doing so well, will the recent success of the Model S spur the development of a more affordable version?


First Drive: 2013 Smart ED

Traversing San Francisco’s treacherous terrain is hard enough for gasoline-powered cars – let alone EVs. So naturally I was eager to find out how the 2013 Smart ED would fare…

  • Pros: Interior is surprisingly roomy for driver and passengers…
  • Cons: Range and size reduce the Smart ED’s practicality outside…

The cat’s claws: Jaguar F-Type’s hidden transmission and suspension tech revealed

It’s easy to admire the new 2014 Jaguar F-Type for its good looks, but we peel back that gorgeous shell and look at the technology that makes it so great to drive - and drive hard.


2013 Cadillac XTS review

Cadillac’s designers have penned a car that is easier to digest while still retaining that extra hint of edginess, which currently serves as the brand’s North Star.

  • Pros: Handsomely penned interior , Top-notch material quality in…
  • Cons: Laggy capacitative interface takes getting used to…

Automotive tech a la carte: Upgrade your ride with these technology add-ons

You might not have the fanciest set of wheels but that doesn't mean you have to go and throw huge cash down on a new ride. Instead, try these simple add-ons to bring your car's sophistication up a few notches.


460 horsepower, 30mpg: How GM’s Corvette engineers pulled off the impossible

Sports cars aren't exactly renowned for their fuel economy and efficiency but according to Chevy engineers, the 2014 Corvette Stingray is aiming to change all that.


2014 Acura RDX review

Honda and by extensions Acura are in the business of making some fine cars but lately its run of vehicles has failed to excite. With 2014 Acura RDX, does the Japanese luxury…

  • Pros: Not too big, not too small , Smart yet simple interior…
  • Cons: Transmission is a little too indecisive , Lacks a lot of…