Amir Iliaifar

Amir Iliaifar

Former Digital Trends Contributor
Associate Automotive Section Editor for Digital Trends, Amir Iliaifar covers the ever increasing cross-section between tech and automobiles. When he's not out reviewing the latest car and car tech, Amir can be found waking up at ungodly hours of the morning in order to watch his beloved football clubs: Arsenal F.C. and Juventus F.C.. You can find him on Twitter (@digitalamir) and Instagram (digitalamir), or contact him directly at

FXI Technologies develops Cotton Candy on a (USB) stick

Cotton Candy takes the guts of an Android phone and crunches them down into a USB stick, essentially acting as a computer you can plug into anything with an HDMI or USB input.

Saints Row: The Third Review

Review: In the third installment of THQ and Volition, Inc's over-the-top Saints Row series, the Third Street Saints find themselves in a new city facing a rival criminal organization known as the Syndicate.