Amir Iliaifar

Amir Iliaifar

Former Digital Trends Contributor
Associate Automotive Section Editor for Digital Trends, Amir Iliaifar covers the ever increasing cross-section between tech and automobiles. When he's not out reviewing the latest car and car tech, Amir can be found waking up at ungodly hours of the morning in order to watch his beloved football clubs: Arsenal F.C. and Juventus F.C.. You can find him on Twitter (@digitalamir) and Instagram (digitalamir), or contact him directly at

Daytona USA Review

Review: You won’t have to hop in Doc Brown’s Delorean to get a chance at playing this seminal racing classic from Sega. An HD facelift, online multiplayer, and arcade controls await you in Daytona USA for Xbox Live Arcade and PSN…

Nokia Kinetic Device flexes its muscle with a new twist on the traditional smartphone

Unveiled this week at Nokia World 2011, the Kinetic Device is a flexible OLED smartphone concept that responds to every twist and bend.

Business Photos from Google shrinks the globe one shop at a time

Have you ever wanted to see inside a store that was halfway across the country? Now you can thanks to the newly announced Business Photo service from Google.