Andrew Couts

Andrew Couts

Former Digital Trends Contributor
Features Editor for Digital Trends, Andrew Couts covers a wide swath of consumer technology topics, with particular focus on the intersection of technology, law, politics, and policy. Prior to Digital Trends, Couts served as associate editor of, executive editor of, assistant editor of Maxim magazine, and writer/editorial assistant of Stuff magazine. In his few moments spent away from a computer, Couts can be found hiking with his dog, or blasting around on motorcycles.

Apple has more money than the US government

The US Treasury officially has less liquidity than Apple Inc.

China bans ‘booth babes’ from video game convention

It's a sad day in China for gamers, as one of the country's premier video game fairs, ChinaJoy Expo, bans scantily clad booth babes.
Cool Tech

US Army adopts new breed of robotic battle vehicles

The impending robot war is one step closer this week with the US Army's adoption of a new autonomous vehicle from Lockheed Martin.

LulzSec tricked UK police into arresting wrong guy, report says

The plot thickens in the the quest to apprehend members of LulzSec, with reports indicating that police were duped into arresting the wrong hacker.

Small business owners ‘fed up’ with Groupon and its clones

A number of small business owners have begun to gripe about participating in daily deals from Groupon and its competitors — one of a variety of signs that the industry is about to take a hit.

Leaked iPhone 5 case signals ‘radical’ redesign

Apple's fifth-generation iPhone will feature a thinner, tapered design, an edge-to-edge screen and maybe even a touch-only home button, according to a variety of leaked phone cases.
Movies & TV

‘Battleship’ trailer released, looks absurdly awesome

"Battleship" the movie might seem like a sure-fire flop. But the first trailer, released today, actually shows some promise — if boats, babes and explosive combat with aliens are your cup of tea.

LulzSec hacker ‘Topiary’ arrested in UK

UK authorities have arrested another alleged member of hacker group LulzSec, a 19-year-old who goes by the name Topiary.
Home Theater

‘Mad Men’ now streaming on Netflix Watch Instantly

The critically-acclaimed AMC series "Mad Men" is now available on Netflix's Watch Instantly streaming service. Can it help the company stop hemorrhaging customers?

Apple and Samsung said to have big plans for solar gadgets, but industry isn’t ready

Apple and Samsung allegedly want to move forward with the production of solar-powered gadgets, but the solar industry can't yet support such a move.
Social Media

Facebook hits back at Google+ with ‘Facebook for Business’

While Google+ struggles to launch profiles for business, Facebook has launched a new webpage to make it easier for organizations to set up on its site.
Movies & TV

This is the saddest movie of all-time, according to science

Hollywood has made a lot of tear-jerkers over the years. But according to the scientific community, one movie brings on sadness more than any other.