Andrew Couts

Andrew Couts

Former Digital Trends Contributor
Features Editor for Digital Trends, Andrew Couts covers a wide swath of consumer technology topics, with particular focus on the intersection of technology, law, politics, and policy. Prior to Digital Trends, Couts served as associate editor of, executive editor of, assistant editor of Maxim magazine, and writer/editorial assistant of Stuff magazine. In his few moments spent away from a computer, Couts can be found hiking with his dog, or blasting around on motorcycles.

Unemployed Charlie Sheen seeks #winning social media intern with #tigerblood

Freshly freed of the burden of making a television show, Charlie Sheen is looking for an intern with #TigerBlood to help him keep his train from plummeting off the nearest cliff.

Movies & TV

Al Jazeera English to launch ‘The Stream,’ a talk show about social networking

Riding a wave of success for its coverage of the Middle East uprisings, Al Jazeera English plans to soon launch a new show with social networking at its core.

Social Media

Mark Zuckerberg’s new puppy gets his own Facebook page

Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg has a new puppy, named Beast — and the ball of fuzz already has its own Facebook page.

Social Media

Western Digital buys Hitachi GST for $4.3 billion

In an attempt to boost its position in the digital storage market, hard drive maker Western Digital has acquired the Hitachi Global Storage Unit for $4.3 billion.


Gadget usage causes lack of sleep, study finds

The results of the National Sleep Foundation's 2011 Sleep in America study are in — and it seems as though our gadget addictions are keeping us awake.

Cool Tech

Apple MacBook Air sales estimated at 1.1 million units in Q4 2010

Sales of Apple's ultra-thin MacBook Air notebook line beat expectations during its first three months.


Angry Birds to break through to Facebook

With best-selling mobile game Angry Birds about to cross the 100 million downloads threshold, Rovio says the game is about to fly onto Facebook.

Android Army

NASA scientist finds evidence of alien life

We are not alone in the universe, says NASA astrobiologist Dr. Richard B. Hoover. And he claims to have the extraterrestrial fossils to back it up.


Anyone who visited GeoHot’s PS3 jailbreak website is now part of Sony lawsuit

A judge has ruled that Sony may unmask the identities of anyone who visited the website of George "GeoHot" Hotz, which contained PlayStation 3 jailbreak tools.


AOL buys ‘hyper-local’ news site Outside.In for less than $10M

AOL's Patch has purchased hyper-local news aggregation website Outside.In for less than the company has received from investors. Can Patch revive the floundering hyper-local news sector?


Apple allegedly in talks with record companies over repeat iTunes downloads

A new report indicates that Apple is in talks with the major record companies to negotiate new iTunes functionality that would allow users to download music files an unlimited number of times, to multiple devices.


The 11 best Ken Jennings Reddit AMA quotes

"Jeopardy!" superstar Ken "WatsonsBitch" Jennings took to Reddit this week to answer users' question. The results were incredible.


WordPress suffers devastating DDoS attack

A massive DDoS attack against jeopardized the functionality of 10 percent of websites in the world. Who exactly orchestrated the attacks remains a mystery.


China plans to track Bejing residents with their cell phones

The Chinese government has unveiled a new plan to track Beijing residents' cell phones in order to cut down on traffic congestion — or so they say.


Teens behind $26M crime forum go to jail

Three young Brits have been jailed after running, described as a "Crimebook" for criminals, who used the site to steal over $26 million.