Andrew Couts

Andrew Couts

Former Digital Trends Contributor
Features Editor for Digital Trends, Andrew Couts covers a wide swath of consumer technology topics, with particular focus on the intersection of technology, law, politics, and policy. Prior to Digital Trends, Couts served as associate editor of, executive editor of, assistant editor of Maxim magazine, and writer/editorial assistant of Stuff magazine. In his few moments spent away from a computer, Couts can be found hiking with his dog, or blasting around on motorcycles.

NSA collected 200 million text messages every day, called it a ‘goldmine’

Following revelations earlier this week that the National Security Agency has accessed some 100,000 computers using secret radio waves, leaked documents show that US spies have indiscriminately collected nearly 200 million text messages a…
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Sacramento Kings becomes first pro sports team to accept Bitcoin

Bitcoin’s march into mainstream American culture turned into a giant leap on Thursday, with the NBA’s Sacramento Kings announcing that it will soon accept the virtual currency as payment for game tickets and team merchandise.

NSA uses secret radio waves to spy on computers not connected to the Internet

For at least the past six years, the National Security Agency has used secret radio signals to monitor nearly 100,000 computers around the world without the need of an Internet connection.
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This website will give you Bitcoin for hotel stays

Like to travel? Like Bitcoin? Then have we got the rewards incentive for you! Hotel-booking site PointsHound will now pay travelers in Bitcoins for booking hotel stays through its website.

Court strikes down key FCC Net neutrality rules: What it means for you

A Washington, DC, appeals court ruled Tuesday in favor of Verizon, and against the Federal Communications Commission’s controversial “net neutrality” rules. The decision may open the door for Internet service providers to charge…
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Want your paycheck in Bitcoin? Get paid with the BitPay Payroll API

Are you bonkers for Bitcoin? If so, then you may want to talk your employer into using the new Bitcoin Payroll API from BitPay, which allows businesses to pay all or a portion of workers’ salaries in the cryptocurrency.

Why are brick-and-mortar retailers crumbling under hacker attacks?

Between increasingly entwined payment systems and increasingly sophisticated cybercriminals, the risk gap between shopping offline and online is closing. Luckily, a fix may be on the way – but it might not get here soon enough.
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What we learned at CES 2014

We came. We saw. We shocked the bejeezus out of ourselves with a weird iPhone stun gun case. Here's what we learned about the future of consumer tech in 2014 now that CES has come to a close.
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This iPad on a stick with wheels is officially the creepiest thing at CES

There are plenty of “good” reasons for the Beam “remote presence system” from Suitable Technologies to exist. Too bad it’s also the single strangest, creepiest, and douchiest gadget at CES 2014.

At CES 2014, everything is watching you

CES 2014 shows us that the future of consumer technology means giving up the last remaining shred of privacy we enjoy. But don't worry, it's not nearly as bad as it sounds – at least, we hope not.
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Meet Vuse, the world’s smartest e-cigarette

New at CES 2014 is Vuse, an e-cigarettes are the first to pack a microprocessor that adjusts battery output 2,000 times per second to deliver a consistent vape no matter what. Click on to get our hands-on first reactions
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TrackingPoint’s new AR Smart Rifle is so accurate, targets don’t stand a chance

We got the world’s first look at the all-new 500 Series AR Smart Rifle from TrackingPoint, the company that invented Precision Guided Firearms – guns that pack the accuracy of a ballistic missile.