Andrew Kalinchuk

Andrew Kalinchuk

Former Digital Trends Contributor
Andrew covers news and opinions pertaining to smartphones, tablets, and all else mobile for Digital Trends. He recently switched from Apple to Microsoft and shares the experience through "Life and Tiles of a Windows 8 Convert." Andrew also interns at The Wirecutter and writes for Laptop Magazine and Techerator. Outside of writing, Andrew splits his time between cooking, gaming, and reading.

Best Buy preparing for Galaxy S4 launch with built-in Samsung Stores

Joining the Apple-only section of Best Buy stores will be a Samsung-centric area for fans and potential converts of the brand. The expansion begins next month, right around the time the Galaxy S4 will launch in the U.S.

Bored of your Windows Phone 8 Start screen? Here are 5 ways to customize it

To help inspire Windows Phone 8 users everywhere, we've put together a few different Start screen layouts to show off its impressive customization options. Ultimately, we were impressed by the flexibility of the homescreen in comparison to…

Life and Tiles of a Win8 Convert: Where do I go from here?

At long last, our writer's grand Windows 8 experiment has come to an end. Now that he no longer has to rely entirely on the Microsoft ecosystem, will he stick around? What's the final verdict? Was it worthwhile?

Why all eyes are on Barcelona and Mobile World Congress next week

Have you heard of Mobile World Congress? It doesn't have the mainstream recognition of CES or E3, but MWC has grown into one of the largest tech trade shows in the world in the past few years, concentrating solely on mobile. Join us as we…

A phone you can take anywhere: Qualcomm creates first global-ready LTE chip

Qualcomm is launching a global LTE chip supporting every network worldwide, making it possible to use your phone anywhere around the world, including countries with 3G CDMA or GSM networks.

Sony bringing second screen apps for PlayStation 4 to iOS and Android

Second screen apps iOS and Android devices were announced last night at the PlayStation 4 launch, designed to offer additional information and interaction with Sony's newest console.

No more charging! Apple’s iWatch may include a flexible, solar-powered screen

Apple has filed a U.S. patent that describes a watch-like device, further feeding the rumor mill surrounding the mysterious and speculative iWatch. The new watch may not require any charging at all, instead relying on kinetic and solar…

Qualcomm unveils ‘always on’ voice activation and quicker charging for mobile devices

Voice activation and speedier charging standards are set to arrive on upcoming devices with Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 chips on board. The first recognizes your individual voice and the other charges devices 75 percent faster.
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Google exec says ‘insanely great cameras’ coming to future Nexus devices

Vic Gundotra, a top-ranking engineer at Google, teased in a recent Google+ post that new Nexus devices will feature some big improvements to camera quality.

HTC One vs. Galaxy S3 vs. iPhone 5: Spec Showdown

HTC has laid it all on the line with the newest One device. But how does it stack up to the competition? We compare the One to the iPhone and Galaxy S3 to find out how it stacks up.
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HTC One pricing and launch information leaked

U.S. pricing and availability for the HTC M7 have been leaked. The phone should hit AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint by March 22 with Verizon receiving the phone a little bit later. The device will start at $200 for the base model with 32GB.

Life and Tiles of a Win8 Convert: A soy latte, a Lumia, and a crazy bum with a shopping cart

In the ninth edition of The Life and Tiles of a Windows 8 Convert, Andrew is just trying to test out some of the synchronization features of Windows 8 when he gets in a tussle with a crazy old man at a coffee shop.