Andrew Kalinchuk

Andrew Kalinchuk

Former Digital Trends Contributor
Andrew covers news and opinions pertaining to smartphones, tablets, and all else mobile for Digital Trends. He recently switched from Apple to Microsoft and shares the experience through "Life and Tiles of a Windows 8 Convert." Andrew also interns at The Wirecutter and writes for Laptop Magazine and Techerator. Outside of writing, Andrew splits his time between cooking, gaming, and reading.

The Life and Tiles of a Windows 8 Convert

Our own Andrew Kalinchuk is on a mission. Tired of the deluge of MacBooks, iPhones, and iPads surrounding him every day, he's decided to trade in his Apple lifestyle for an old enemy: Microsoft. Though it's been stagnant for the better part…

The Life and Tiles of a Windows 8 Convert: Why I’m dumping Apple

Tired of living in a tech world dominated by Apple, DT contributor Andrew Kalinchuk is taking a huge leap. Armed with a Yoga 13 and a Lumia 920, he's signing up for an all-Microsoft life and his journey begins here.

Nokia Lumia 920 vs. HTC Windows Phone 8X: In-depth comparison

We mediate as the two hero devices of Windows Phone 8 duke it out to become the blossoming platform's reigning champion. It's the hefty Nokia Lumia 920 against the slimmer HTC Windows Phone 8X.

Windows Phone 8 users plagued by poor battery life and random reboots

Windows Phone 8 users are rushing to support forums to describe and complain about random reboots, freeze ups, and draining batteries that spoil their enjoyment of the HTC 8X and Nokia Lumia 920.

New web service handles the guesswork of donating

A new web service called YouGiveGoods allows users to donate products to charity organizations without worrying about where and when to drop it off.

How does Windows RT gobble up 13GB of storage on the Microsoft Surface?

Microsoft Surface owners are discovering that despite an advertised 32GB capacity, they only have room for 16GB of files on their new devices. We took a closer look at the reasons for the disparity, and how Windows RT compares to both iOS…
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Asus-produced Google Nexus 7 is smoking hot … literally

After leaving a Nexus 7 charging unattended, a user was greeted to a room filled with smoke and a melted 7-inch tablet. Asus has reportedly offered a replacement device and Google Glass as compensation.

Teenage hacker sentenced to six years without Internet or computers

Fifteen-year-old, Cosmo the God, pleaded guilty to a series of felonies and is sentenced to supervised web and computer access until he's 21. For a kid who shows a lot of talent for computers and hacking, this could be detrimental to his…

What! Windows RT hogs 16GB of Microsoft’s 32GB Surface tablet

We originally thought Microsoft was being generous with 32GB storage standard for the Surface RT, but it turns out only 16GB of that is available to users. The rest of the storage is taken up by Windows RT and Microsoft Office.
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Quick settings and malware protection coming in Android 4.2

Android 4.2 brings with it some long-awaited features like malware protection and a quick settings menu adjacent to the notification tray. The quick settings can be accessed with a two-finger swipe while notifications continue using one.

Verizon employees arrested for stealing naked photos from a woman’s phone

After allegedly sharing the nude photos of a customer with coworkers and other customers, two Verizon employees are faced with felony charges. Now we have another reason, besides a steep free, to backup our own smartphones.

‘Piano’ is iPad Mini’s first commercial

Apple's first TV spot for the iPad Mini features the smaller tablet, as well as its older sibling playing two part harmony in Garage Band. The ad does a good job of showing off both products, but its fairly "been there, done that" for…