Andy Boxall

Andy Boxall

Andy's fascination with mobile tech began in the 90s, at a time when SMS messages were considered cutting edge, but it would be a decade before he would put finger-to-keyboard as a technology writer. In the interim he wrote about travel, formulated strong opinions about films and owned a series of audacious cars.

Zuk Z1 news: New pictures of the Cyanogen-powered OnePlus 2 challenger

Zuk is a new name about to burst onto the smartphone market. It's backed by Lenovo and software firm Qihoo 360, and its first model, the Z1, will challenge phones from Xiaomi, Huawei, and OnePlus.


Best Wearable Technology For Students

Heading back to school and want a new piece of wearable tech? There's a lot of choice out there, so to help out, here are our five wearable picks for 2015, based on functionality, style, and price.


Xiaomi steals Samsung’s big-screen thunder with 5.5-inch Redmi Note 2, which will cost about $125

Xiaomi has revealed the Redmi Note 2, its latest big-screen smartphone with a suitably low price. The octa-core, 5-5-inch device has a 13-megapixel camera, a 1080p resolution and even a removable battery, but will cost around $125 when it goes on sale.


Own one of the best LG phones? You’re going to get two Hi-Fi songs each month, for free

LG has announced its own music service that's ready for use on its very best smartphones. Owners of the G4, G Flex 2, and others will be able to enjoy two, free, super high quality tracks each month, and get the chance to buy discounted tracks too.


This invention could turn your body into a touch sensitive control panel for your phone

Scientists have developed a pressure-sensitive, second-skin control system for your mobile device, that could mean almost any part of your body could be turned into a touchable control panel.


HTC left unsecured fingerprint data on the One Max

A security team has revealed the HTC One Max had a security flaw which meant it stored unencrypted data related to fingerprints, which may have left them vulnerable to hackers. The issue has since been fixed, but highlights the need for tighter security around…


The Netatmo Welcome isn't just watching you, it knows who you are

We use faces to recognize people in our lives, so it makes sense that security devices do the same. The Netatmo Welcome is a smart security camera with unique face recognition…

  • Pros: Beautiful design , Clever face recognition tech , No…
  • Cons: Placement can be difficult , Faces aren’t always…

I'm a grown, cynical man and this smartphone magic kit still amazed me

Is it really possible to give traditional toys a new lease of life using a smartphone and a cleverly created augmented reality app? Marvin’s iMagic is quite literally, a box of…

  • Pros: Fun, interactive tricks , High-quality app with great AR…
  • Cons: None

The reason we may get two Nexus phones in 2015? It’s because of Android Pay

A new report has provided a reason Google is rumored to launch two Nexus phones this year -- Android Pay. Apparently, it wants to use LG's brand recognition in North America and Europe to promote the system, and Huawei's influence in China to push Android.

Android Army

Stagefright shocks Samsung, LG, and Google into taking phone security seriously

Samsung, LG, and Google have announced they will be sending out Android security updates on an approximately monthly basis, following the discovery of the Stagefright bug, to ensure devices stay secure.


Spit in a tube to get a personalized health regimen based on your genes

Wondering if that new diet or exercise fad is right for you? Don't waste time trying it out, because this $100 DNA test is designed to help identify what lifestyle and diet choices are right for your body.


Garmin’s new fitness tracking watch comes in two sizes, because not all wrists are the same

Garmin knows that a massive smartwatch/fitness tracker doesn't look right on a small wrist, so it has made the new Forerunner 25 in two different sizes. The GPS-enabled wearable also has basic smartwatch capabilities, and is on sale soon for $170.


See how happy some people are when they use Android, but think it’s iOS 9

It's one of the great modern debates: Which is better, iOS or Android? If this funny video is anything to go by, nobody can really tell the difference. But when told Android is iOS 9, they really like it.


New Windows 10 Mobile Technical Preview adds app store, universal Office, and more apps

Microsoft is bringing Windows 10 to your Windows smartphone, creating a unified, seamless, cross-platform experience across all your Windows devices. Here's a rundown of the new features we can expect, and what phones it'll arrive on first.