Andy Boxall

Andy Boxall

Andy's fascination with mobile tech began in the 90s, at a time when SMS messages were considered cutting edge, but it would be a decade before he would put finger-to-keyboard as a technology writer. In the interim he wrote about travel, formulated strong opinions about films and owned a series of audacious cars.

LG G3 review

The G3 is LG’s biggest smartphone release yet, and comes with an amazing Quad HD touchscreen. Does the phone live up to the hype associated with the screen?

  • Pros: Beautiful Quad HD touchscreen , Classy metal-look rear panel…
  • Cons: LG Health isn’t effective , Smart Notice isn’t that…

Yezz to honor Bill Gates with the Billy smartphone, running Windows Phone

Microsoft has shown a selection of new Windows Phone devices at the Computex tech trade show this week, and all are from two newcomers to the operating system, Yezz and Blu. Both have established themselves as low-cost Android phone manufacturers.


Your next smartphone could have a holographic projector inside it

Startup Ostendo Technologies could be about to make all your Star Wars fantasies come true, thanks to a gadget called the Quantum Photonic Imager, which is capable of projecting 3D video images from your smartphone.


Vertu unveils its latest extravagant Android phone, the $11,000 Signature Touch

Vertu, maker of beautiful luxury smartphones, has launched the Signature Touch. Yes it's expensive, but this time around, the spec is up to the level we expect, and the design is better than ever.

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Sony launches the slim and sleek Xperia T3, with a big 5.3-inch screen and 4G LTE

Sony knows how to make good-looking smartphones, and with the Xperia T3, it has proved the same principles can be added to a mid-range device. The super slim 7mm chassis has a stainless steel frame, and houses a big 5.3-inch screen.


New HTC One E8 is an M8 in disguise, still manages to look fantastic in plastic

HTC has launched the One E8 smartphone, which takes many of the features and design attributes of the One M8, and wraps them all up in a curvy polycarbonate body, in an effort to reduce the final price.


Swype, SwiftKey, and other 3rd-party keyboards coming to the iPhone and iPad

Third-party keyboards will be available for the iPhone and the iPad later this year. Apple announced support for alternative typing methods in iOS 8 during WWDC, and the software will be available later this year.


DT Daily: Huge solar plane takes flight, Tizen OS debuts, robotic velociraptor on the run

Today on DT Daily: The Solar Impulse 2 airplane, powered by the sun, takes its maiden flight. Samsung finally launches a smartphone powered by its Tizen operating system, and researchers build a robot based on a velociraptor. A new solar-powered plane has…

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PadFone X, the hybrid phone and tablet, is headed to AT&T on June 6 (Updated)

AT&T has announced it'll be stocking the latest PadFone X model from Asus early next month. Priced at $200 with a two-year contract, the PadFone X combines a 5-inch smartphone and a full-size tablet into one, handy package.


Asus launches mad phone, tablet, and laptop hybrid running Windows 8.1 and Android (updated)

Asus has brought together Android and Windows 8.1 into a single device. It's called the Transformer Book V, and it can become three different devices - an Android-only smartphone, a tablet, and a laptop, the latter two capable of running both operating…


HTC One M8 Prime appears to be dead before arrival (updated)

A report has broken news about an exciting new HTC smartphone, tentatively known as the M8 Prime. It could feature a 5.5-inch, 1440p screen, and may end up being the successor to the One Max.


AT&T snaps up the Galaxy S5 Active, out now for $200, and available in cool Camo Green

The Samsung Galaxy S5 Active is now official, and available for $200 with a two-year contract through AT&T. It's a toughened up version of the Galaxy S5, which also comes in a cool Camo Green color scheme.


Not satisfied by 5.5-inches? LG’s got a 6-inch QHD smartphone screen in development

LG has revealed it's working on a 6-inch version of the Quad HD - that's 2560 x 1440 pixels - screen fitted to the exciting new G3 smartphone. It'll be demoed at an upcoming industry trade show.


Apple’s Eddy Cue says its 2014 product range is the best he’s seen in 25 years

Apple's Eddy Cue, speaking in an interview, has stated that the company's forthcoming new product range is the best he has seen in 25 years. We've had the iPhone, iPad, iPod, and many other popular devices in that time, making it a very big statement.


T-Mobile to reveal the next stage of its Uncarrier battle plan on June 18

T-Mobile will hold the fifth of its Uncarrier events on June 18 in Los Angeles. There's no information on what it's going to reveal, but if history tells us anything, it has the potential to shake up the mobile industry yet again.