Andy Boxall

Andy Boxall

Andy's fascination with mobile tech began in the 90s, at a time when SMS messages were considered cutting edge, but it would be a decade before he would put finger-to-keyboard as a technology writer. In the interim he wrote about travel, formulated strong opinions about films and owned a series of audacious cars.

18-year-old who tracked down lost phone is slain trying to get it back

Eighteen-year-old Jeremy Cook was shot to death after using an online tracking service to find his stolen smartphone. Police are urging people to be vigilant when using such services, and to always contact them if it appears dangerous.

The Smart Sheriff app rides into South Korea, ready to watch over teens’ smartphones

New rules introduced by the South Korean media regulator mean that smartphones sold for use by anyone under 19 in the country, must have a tracker app installed, so parents can keep watch over online activities.
Product Review

Xiaomi Mi Band Review

At $15, the Xiaomi Mi is the fitness band bargain you need to buy.

This won’t end well: See a $10,000 Apple Watch Edition come between two very big magnets

Just because the Apple Watch Edition costs at least $10,000, doesn't mean no-one is willing to give it a hard time, but this video takes it to the extreme. See what happens when the expensive gadget comes between two massive…

Stop! Why it’s a bad idea to buy an iPad, for now

The new multi-tasking feature in iOS 9 may look like a compelling reason to go out and pick up an iPad Air 2, but careful, it's really not. However, it is a very strong reason to wait and see if the iPad Pro comes out later this year.

FCC urges phone companies to make opt-out anti-theft measures standard on all devices

The FCC has urged smartphone manufacturers to make the anti-theft measures on devices an opt-out system, ensuring they come switched on as standard, in an effort to cut down on smartphone thefts.

Line launches Line Music app in Japan, where the CD still dominates music sales

Line, makers of the cute messaging app, has launched another spin-off service. Line Music is a streaming music app with a growing library of tracks, but it's launching in a country where the CD still dominates music sales.

Meet the Gionee Marathon M5, the smartphone that packs a tablet-sized battery inside

Gionee just announced the Marathon M5, an Android smartphone that packs a tablet-sized battery pack. This is thanks to the combination of two separate battery packs that work in tandem thanks to engineering wizardry.

Report shows evidence of phone spying tech being used in London

A report shows evidence that technology used to fool phones into giving up private call data is being used in London, although law enforcement will neither confirm nor deny its existence.

Help catch skin cancer early with this potentially life-saving, $100 smartphone accessory

The MoleScope is an amazing tool that uses the high quality camera on your iPhone to assess moles on your skin, ready to detect the early stages of skin cancer. Caught early enough, the survival rate is 98%.

Facebook code changes mean Windows Phone no longer syncs up with the social network

A change in Facebook's Graph API means several key features in Microsoft's Windows Phone mobile operating system will no longer work correctly, including contact syncing and photo sharing.

HTC dramatically slashes sales estimates, but it has a plan to get things back on track

HTC has sent out a statement saying it's expected revenue is going to be lower than previously stated, due to demand for its high-end phones not matching up with forecasts. However, it has outlined plans to reverse its fortunes.