Andy Boxall

Andy Boxall

Andy's fascination with mobile tech began in the 90s, at a time when SMS messages were considered cutting edge, but it would be a decade before he would put finger-to-keyboard as a technology writer. In the interim he wrote about travel, formulated strong opinions about films and owned a series of audacious cars.

Apple has pulled an app that told you if your iPhone was hacked

Paranoid? Worried you're being spied on? This is the app for you. Or at least it would have been if Apple hadn't pulled it from the App Store. System and Security Info basically told users if their phone had been hacked, but is no longer…
Virtual Reality

Acer is coming to help make this amazing VR headset less virtual, and more reality

Acer is really keen to ensure it's not going to be left behind as the world starts to embrace virtual reality. It has signed a partnership with Starbreeze to help make its high-spec StarVR headset an actual reality.

An entire stadium of 75,000 is evacuated when a fake smartphone bomb is found

It must be hard to keep track of fake smartphones-that-look-like-a-bomb training devices, but they can cause chaos when you leave one lying around at a football stadium, and it's discovered right before kickoff.

360-degree photos, not just video, will soon be shareable on Facebook

After months of being able to share 360 degree videos, the chance to share 360 degree still photos on Facebook is almost here. Plus, a new button will let you quickly view them on your Gear VR headset.

You probably won’t want to carry this Lenovo tablet around much

Lenovo may be following a trend that's growing in popularity, at least among its competitors, by making a really big tablet. How big? The screen may be 18-inches, twice the size of an iPad Mini and even bigger than the iPad Pro.

Get ready to change the way you type with this amazing wearable keyboard 1:42

The Tap Strap is an amazing wearable keyboard that turns gestures into taps, so you'll never need to touch your keyboard or touchscreen to type out a text message or email again.

Samsung’s Galaxy Surfboard is every bit as absurd as you imagine 3:15

Think the Gear VR is a cool accessory for your Galaxy S7? How about the Galaxy Surfboard instead? Slip your phone in the side, and you'll get notifications while out on the waves. Yes, really.

Honor’s new fitness tracker really does look fantastic

Honor, the Huawei spin-off brand, has launched the Honor Band A1, a fitness tracker that strikes the right balance between style and functionality. It costs as little as $15, but annoyingly, is only available in China.

The Honor V8’s dual-lens camera is different from the Huawei P9’s in one important way

The Honor V8, the latest smartphone from the Huawei spin-off brand, has launched. Like the Huawei P9 it also has a dual-lens camera on the back, but without the Leica branding, and instead it takes unusual 3D panorama-style photos.

The oldest name in luxury tech is ready to ride the wave it created

More technology brands are making luxury products in 2016, but previously, British luxury company Vertu was almost the sole voice in the market, so what are its plans for the future? We interviewed the new CEO to find out.

Phones don’t get much bigger than the Xiaomi Mi Max

Xiaomi has got a big new phone. A really big new phone. It's called the Mi Max, and the screen is 6.44-inches in size, bridging the gap between its current largest phone and the Mi Pad 2 tablet.