Andy Boxall

Andy Boxall

Andy's fascination with mobile tech began in the 90s, at a time when SMS messages were considered cutting edge, but it would be a decade before he would put finger-to-keyboard as a technology writer. In the interim he wrote about travel, formulated strong opinions about films and owned a series of audacious cars.

Unfortunately, the G5 isn’t getting enough help from its Friends

To really enjoy the LG G5, you need to get to know its Friends. These are the Cam Plus, Hi-Fi Plus, and the 360 Cam. We try out the three modules and accessories available for the G5 right now.

It looks like a luggage tag, but Native Union’s Tag Cable has a handy secret

Never have a charging cable with you when you need one? Solve the problem in a very stylish way with the Native Union Tag Cable, which attaches to your bag like a high-tech luggage tag.

If you’re in Texas, you can worship at the feet of a statue celebrating selfies

In an attempt to enrich the lives of the community artistically, the town of Sugar Land, Texas, has put up a statue celebrating the joy of snapping a selfie. Many residents aren't keen on the result.

This $270 smartphone looks awesome, but the company is playing hard to get

Lenovo-backed spin-off brand Zuk has announced the Z2, a smartphone with a great spec and a low price, but annoyingly it hasn't said the phone will follow in the Z1's footsteps and launch internationally.

No, Huawei hasn’t forgotten about the P9 Lite, but it’s missing the P9’s best feature

The P9 Lite has joined the P9 and P9 Plus in Huawei's new 2016 range, but it comes with a few key differences that make upgrading to the P9 highly advisable, mainly due to its lack of Leica camera. Here's everything you need to know about…

Do you want Jolla’s swish new smartphone? Tough luck, you can’t have one

Jolla, the company responsible for Android alternative OS Sailfish, has a new phone called the Jolla C. The limited edition device comes as part of a new developer-led initiative to boost interest in the software, and the program has…

If you’re after a smartphone bargain, OnePlus has taken out its price-cutting scissors

OnePlus is known for its competitively priced smartphones, but those already good prices have just got a little better, after the company cut the cost of both the OnePlus X and OnePlus 2. Why? There's a rumor the OnePlus 3 is nearly here.

Is Microsoft finished making Windows phones?

Microsoft has announced Wednesday that it will cut 1,850 jobs, all related to smartphones, and radically restructure its mobile strategy. This means concentrating on universal and cross platform apps, rather than consumer mobile devices.

No fingers needed: Samsung experiments with eye recognition on special tablet

Samsung has a new Galaxy Tab tablet with iris recognition technology built into it. An alternative to using fingerprint scanning, the Galaxy Tab Iris is designed for use by the government in India.

Quick, there’s a prototype iPhone 6 for sale on eBay

What's claimed to be a prototype iPhone 6 has been put up for sale on eBay. The device differs in several ways from a model you'd buy in a shop, and is currently attracting bids of at least $5,000.

Luckily for this plucky pro climber, LG vacuum cleaners suck hard

Is it really possible to use suction from vacuum cleaners to scale a sheer building? LG wanted to find out, so it gave two powerful cordless models to a pro climber, and pointed her at a 33-story glass skyscraper.
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Wilson Audio's $110K Alexx speakers gave us shivers, and not just from the price

Can speakers that cost the same as a really, really fast car produce sound that'll give you shivers? We found out when we sat down in a demo room faced with Wilson Audio's $110,000 Alexx speakers.