Anthony John Agnello

Anthony John Agnello

Anthony John Agnello is a writer living in New York. He works as the Community Manager of and his writing has appeared in The AV Club, Salon, Edge, and many others. He is patiently waiting for Namco to finish Klonoa 3.

Jetsetter: Another British racing dev fades as Burnout Paradise studio loses founders

This week in Jetsetter, we mourn the erosion of one of Britain's greatest racing game developers. Criterion Games, the developer of Burnout Paradise, isn't dead but it's close now that co-founders Fiona Sperry and Alex Ward have left Electronic Arts.


Jetsetter: Resident Evil is dead, long live Resident Evil

This week in Jetsetter, we look at how one of Japan's most storied developers can keep one of its longest-running series thriving long into the future. If Capcom wants Resident Evil to have a future, it has to do what its shareholders finds unthinkable: stop…


Jetsetter: Can PS4 replace the PS2 in India?

This week in Jetsetter, we look back at the PlayStation 2's impressive history in India on the eve of PlayStation 4's release in the country this winter. Can the PS4 finally unseat the PlayStation 2 in the hearts of India's gamers?


Jetsetter: Rayman and the French New Wave

This week in Jetsetter, we consider what role the limbless hero Rayman and his creator Michel Ancel fill in the pantheon of video game history. Both Ancel and his signature creation are actually icons of a brief, beautiful movement in game making.


Jetsetter: Microsoft backs away from Canada, making the UK the home of Xbox One

This week in Jetsetter, we look at how the deeply American Microsoft continues to expand and contract its game development operations abroad, expanding in the UK while shrinking in Canada.


Jetsetter: Nintendo’s import future lies in the arts rather than games

This week in Jetsetter, we find Nintendo easing down on its across the board region-locking of the Nintendo 3DS. The first cartridge playable on any console highlights Nintendo's history in the arts and the evolving role of handheld gaming technology in the…


A look at what lies ahead for Final Fantasy

Digital Trends sit down for a chat with Yoshinori Kitase and Yuji Abe, two of the foremost creative minds currently working to shape Final Fantasy, on what's ahead for the quarter-century old series.


Jetsetter: Forget the Xbox One, ‘Persona 5’ is here!

This week in Jetsetter, we celebrate the biggest event in the gaming year that was 2013! No, not the release of Xbox One! It's the countdown to Atlus' Persona 5.


Jetsetter: Japan still wins when it comes to console launches

This week in Jetsetter, the launches of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One get us all misty eyed and look backward on the biggest launches in the old gaming days of Japan. We look at the mania surrounding big Dragon Quest releases and look at how the Super Nintendo…


XCOM: Enemy Within review

The world went without a new XCOM strategy game for nearly fifteen years before Firaxis made XCOM: Enemy Unknown, but just one year later the team's delivered Enemy Within an…

  • Pros: Meld resource dramatically changes how XCOM can be played…
  • Cons: PS3 version runs poorly. , No ability to import squads from…

The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds review

Nintendo has never made a Zelda sequel as directly tied to a previous entry as A Link Between Worlds is to A Link to the Past, but leveraging this old world has led Nintendo to…

  • Pros: World of a twenty-year old game impressively reimagined…
  • Cons: Lack of drama may put off Zelda diehards. , Might be…

Jetsetter: Could Nintendo go back to being a Japan-only game maker?

Jetsetter casts its gaze back towards Nintendo again as the company reports disappointing Wii U sales in the third quarter. Could Nintendo survive purely on domestic business? Japan's best selling games charts for the 21st century say a lot about Nintendo's…


Jetsetter: Sony teases the return of the PocketStation, proving weird never dies

This week in Jetsetter, we look at how the international gaming market in countries like India, Russia, and China are keeping devoted gaming consoles alive, while Sony poses as the last man standing making truly bizarre regional gaming machines.


Jetsetter: Britannia, the golden land of Nintendo import games

This week in Jetsetter, we turn our eyes to Great Britain. While the UK doesn't seem like a golden for import gamers, it's become a treasure trove for English-speaking Nintendo fans over the past decade. Nintendo of America may ignore great games from the…


Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate review

Batman: Arkham Origins -- Blackgate is a moody architectural success from the creative leads behind Metroid Prime, but it's not the great game it could have been.

  • Pros: Brings the claustrophobic exploration of Arkham Asylum back…
  • Cons: 3D Arkham combat and traversal not suited to a 2D game…