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Adam Poltrack

Adam is an A/V News Writer for Digital Trends, and is responsible for bringing you the latest advances in A/V equipment/technology. Before coming to Digital Trends, he wrote for The Tactic Company and served as a staff reporter for The Hometown Media Group.
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Jennifer Lawrence takes Bradley Cooper to task in new Joy clip 0:43

A new clip for David O. Russell's Joy was released late last week and while it doesn't reveal much about the film's plot, it does remind us that Jennifer Lawrence is Hollywood's highest-paid actress for a reason.
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Paris attacks mean changes for Supergirl, NCIS: LA and others

After the attacks that took place in Paris, many are finding they need a break from even fictional terror and destruction. Several TV shows and even a couple of movies have shuffled their schedules while the world collectively mourns.
Cool Tech

TED rewards modern-day Indiana Jones with $1 million in funding

This belongs in a museum! While Sarah Parcak doesn't use Indiana Jones' familiar refrain, there are quite a few similarities between the fictional archaeologist and the woman who just secured $1 million in funding from TED
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More Star Wars: The Force Awakens plot details emerge

For the last 6 months, Disney and Lucasfilm have gone to extreme measures to keep Star Wars: The Force Awakens details under lock and key, but the last week has seen the studio loosen up a bit and let some information through

AMC to air Imagine: John Lennon 75th Birthday Concert in December

Imagine: John Lennon 75th Birthday Concert has secured a long list of star-studded performers and it seems that plenty of folks are still inspired by the vision of the late great musician.
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The House, starring Amy Poehler and Will Ferrell, gets Summer 2017 release

If you're a fan of both Amy Poehler and Will Ferrell, this film feels like a slam dunk, and New Line is showing faith in the project by positioning it smack dab in the middle of the Summer movie season
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Hello, Hollywood: Adele in talks to appear in Xavier Dolan film

Talks are still preliminary, but it looks like Adele may add another slash to her resume. The Hello singer is exploring the possibility of appearing in Xavier Dolan's The Death and Life of John F. Donovan
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Watch: Scalp Team Six rescues Trump’s hair in ‘cut for time’ SNL Sketch

There were plenty of sketches from last week's Saturday Night Live episode featuring Donald Trump that could have been cut for time, so why was one of the funnier bits never aired?
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Late Show With Stephen Colbert to air after Super Bowl’s final whistle blows

Football may be the big attraction on Super Bowl Sunday, but there are plenty of eyeballs up for grabs before and after the game itself. CBS hopes to capture as many of those as possible with a special, post-game Late Show.
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Casey Affleck captains half a boat in second trailer for The Finest Hours 1:41

Released earlier today, the latest trailer for Disney's The Finest Hours has all the energy of a crashing wave and teases a harrowing story of courage and survival on the high seas.
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Universal pulls Steve Jobs biopic from more than 2,000 theaters

It seems the Steve Jobs biopic was not marketed with the same savvy as Apple's products, as the film is being removed from more than 80 percent of the theaters that originally screened it
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IMAX changes its tune with bass-busting new opening theme 0:53

Watching a movie in IMAX can be a feast for your eyes, but it can also be a treat for the ears. With that in mind, the company has created an updated sound anthem dubbed Pure Experience.