Adam Poltrack

Adam Poltrack

Adam is an A/V News Writer for Digital Trends, and is responsible for bringing you the latest advances in A/V equipment/technology. Before coming to Digital Trends, he wrote for The Tactic Company and served as a staff reporter for The Hometown Media Group.
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Netflix and Dreamworks to collaborate on a kid-centric animated series based on the upcoming movie, ‘Turbo’

Netflix shows further evidence that it is serious about providing compelling, original content for its audience with a kid-centric TV show based around a forthcoming Dreamworks movie.
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Microsoft to throw its hat in the original programming ring

DIY is the new trend in TV, and industry titans like Netflix and Hulu aren't the only ones experimenting with original programming. By year's end, Microsoft's LA Studio hopes to deliver original content to Xbox users.
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Suddenlink subscribers get first look at TiVo’s Mini DVR extender

Though it won't launch until the spring, Suddenlink is making the TiVo Mini available to its subscribers. The diminutive DVR extender won't officially launch until spring, but Suddenlink customers can now secure themselves a sneak peek.
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DISH ships Hopper with Sling as legal storm rages on

DISH hopes to defeat litigation - both pending and impending - and establish its new set-top as a market leader.

eMusic to ditch subscription requirement, allow a la carte purchasing

You no longer have to be a paid member to download new tunes from eMusic. The site now gives users the ability to purchase individual songs and albums without paying a monthly fee.
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We demand HD quality from our televisions, why not from our iPods?

While today's TVs look sharper, brighter and more vivid than ever, the iPod, even after several years of upgrades, still does't sound very good. And nobody seems to care.
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Bowers & Wilkins AM-1 outdoor speaker: Rugged enough for your outdoor kitchen, refined enough for your library

High-end audio company Bowers & Wilkins recently introduced its AM-1, an outdoor speaker with a blue collar exterior and white collar pedigree. While the speaker's exterior is made to resist the elements, it's been engineered to meet B&W's…
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Amazon vexes Netflix by inking a deal for exclusive streaming rights to ‘Downton Abbey’

Amazon Prime Instant Video secured itself a runaway hit and, in doing so, proved that the streaming video market is still very much up for grabs.

Astro A30 and A40 headsets get six exclusive Dead Space 3 speaker tags

Gaming headphone maker Astro is getting into the spirit of the highly anticipated Dead Space 3 launch with custom Dead Space 3-themed stickers for its A30 and A40 headsets.
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Blockbuster rises from the canvas, re-launches spruced up on-demand service

Blockbuster isn't out for the count just yet. In the wake of bankruptcy and store-closure announcments, the company is relaunching its video-on-demand service in an apparent effort to reinvigorate its brand.
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CES names DISH’s Hopper co-winner, as ‘Best of Show’ scandal continues for CNET

CES has overruled CNET and has re-awarded DISH's Hopper "Best of Show" honors. Has CNET's journalistic integrity been permanently damaged?
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Sharp annouces new projectors for the boardroom, classroom, or livingroom

Sharp isn't doing much to market its new models to home theater enthusiasts, but we think they'd fit quite nicely in your theater space.