Adam Poltrack

Adam Poltrack

Adam is an A/V News Writer for Digital Trends, and is responsible for bringing you the latest advances in A/V equipment/technology. Before coming to Digital Trends, he wrote for The Tactic Company and served as a staff reporter for The Hometown Media Group.
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‘Meet the staff’ promo video for Wet Hot American Summer prequel is amazing

Thirteen wet, hot, American Summers have passed since we last saw the ragtag staff of Camp Fireside and pretty much nothing has changed.
Movies & TV

James Bond box sets, collectibles, and more to be released ahead of SPECTRE

In advance of the November 6th release of SPECTRE, the 24th James Bond film, MGM Studios and Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment are releasing special edition Blu-rays, DVDs and collectible box-sets on September 15th.
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MLB’s new Home Run Derby improves TV Ratings

Last year, the Home Run Derby lost some casual fans, so organizers decided to shake things up with a new format that created quicker, more exciting action and much better TV ratings
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Jennifer Lawrence tackles tough themes, headlines all-star cast in trailer for Joy 1:58

Director David O. Russell is teaming with Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro for Joy, an ambitious Drama about family, loyalty, love, and disillusionment. The film opens Christmas 2015.
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Jimmy Fallon explains how he almost lost a finger in ‘ring avulsion’ accident

The Tonight Show host tells the story of his horrific "ring avulsion" incident, and subsequent surgery and hospitalization. He also suggests a brand new entry for your DNGL (do not Google list).
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Donald Trump’s ridiculous antics temporarily force Letterman out of retirement

Letterman just couldn't resist. The former Late Show host was onstage this past Friday at the Majestic Theatre in San Antonio, and took the oppurtunity to skewer Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump.
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ESPN losing subscribers, cutting costs

While the “worldwide leader in sports” has historically been a cash cow, a changing cable landscape has prompted Disney -- the network’s parent company -- to slash the sports behemoth’s budget.
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New Images from HBO’s Westworld turn the Wild West into a robot-staffed theme park

Among the developments from Comic-Con was a collection of images from the upcoming HBO show Westworld, a sci-fi series centered around a Wild West theme park in which automatons carry out visitors' wild/twisted fantasies

Spotify’s Music Map taps into the musical DNA of nearly 1,000 cities

Whether you're looking for a musical vacation or just a trip to nostalgia town, the streaming service's new interactive Music Map wants to take your ears on a journey around the globe.
Movies & TV

Nerdist’s mock Suicide Squad trailer has fun with fans’ worst nightmares

No one knows if this film will fire on all cylinders or make like the Joker’s gag gun and open with a “Bang!” Regardless, Nerdist's hilarious trailer shows you exactly what you hope you won't see when it hits the big screen.
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Darth days ahead: Vader to appear in Star Wars spinoff

Dath Vader will reportedly appear in the upcoming Star Wars Anthology: Rogue One movie. The story is set to take place just before the events of Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope and there have been whispers that it may also include a…
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Watch this tortilla play The Mexican Hat Dance

What do you get when you combine a laser, a turntable, and a tortilla? The answer: An actual, playable record … and a nomination for weirdest thing on the internet this week. Check out the video and have your mind blown.