Brad Chacos

Brad Chacos

Former Digital Trends Contributor
When Brad's not busy tinkering with PCs or playing with gadgets, he can often be found loudly braying his (usually) well-researched opinions online. His scribbled words have appeared in Digital Trends, Maximum PC, Laptop Magazine, Wired, Gizmodo, TechnoBuffalo and plenty more.

Netbooks are officially dead, and Windows 8 pulled the trigger

Tablets may have left netbooks bloody and beaten, but it was Windows 8 that did the dirty work of extinguishing the tiny laptops for good.
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NASA vs. the free market: Which is better for American space dominance?

Neil Armstrong believed NASA’s slashed budgets would diminish America’s lead in space, but private industries are already taking up the baton – and sprinting with it.

Opinion: Windows 8 is a gateway drug to tablets, not a desktop savior

As the PC market takes on water, Microsoft isn’t below deck patching holes with Windows 8, it’s preparing a lifeboat to escape.

Opinion: Geeks keep companies honest, even when you’re not looking

Mainstream buyers no longer seem to care about the hard numbers behind gadgets, but you can thank vigilant geeks for ensuring the figurative engine still runs while you’re busy gawking at the moon roof.

Opinion: I’m sticking with the cloud (and you should, too)

Recent security breaches and ownership issues have skeptics doubting whether the cloud should really be the future of computing, but ultimately, we still control our own online destinies.

Opinion: Carriers will continue to crush consumers until the FCC gets a bigger hammer

Companies like Verizon, Comcast and Google now brazenly disregard rules designed to protect consumers, because at the end of the day, the FCC is powerless to really hurt them.

Opinion: Cutting-edge tech hurts, but somebody needs to take the scuffs

Most consumers don’t need anything close to the power of the latest and greatest gadgets, but without deep-pocketed geeks to blaze the trail by buying it, the rest of us wouldn’t have much to choose from.

Opinion: It’s a trap! Beware carriers’ new unlimited talk and text plans

New ‘unlimited talk and text’ plans may sound consumer friendly, but carriers have good reason to force us into paying for them: We barely use them anymore.

According to Apple’s bottom line, no EPEAT certification, no problem!

There's been some shock Apple products' loss of EPEAT - but in reality, Apple's decision to throw caution to the wind and manufacture the way it wants makes complete sense.

Opinion: Don’t hate patent players, hate the patent game

Apple’s latest patent fiasco with Samsung highlights glaring problems with the patent system that are stifling innovation and holding technology back.

Opinion: The Nexus Q and Google TV have already lost the war for the living room

Clunky software and an army of fortified challengers will prevent the overpriced Nexus Q from even making a stand in the battle for living rooms.

Opinion: MacBook Pro with Retina Display: I wanna love you, but you’re bringing me down

Apple’s MacBook Pro with Retina Display hits every high note in both performance and design, until you open it up, where a monstrosity awaits.