Brandon Widder

Brandon Widder

Brandon Widder is a multimedia journalist and a staff writer for Digital Trends where he covers technology news, how-to guides, best-of pieces and more. In his free time, he moonlights as a freelance music writer for the Portland alt-weekly, Willamette Week, and other publications in the Pacific Northwest. He is currently based out of Portland, OR.

Lost and found: Here’s how to locate your iPhone when it goes missing

Finding a lost phone used to take hours upon hours of scrounging (if you were lucky enough to find it at all). Here's our quick guide on how to use find my iPhone so you can, well, find your iPhone. Remember to consult the guide prior to losing your device.


Battle of the best browsers: IE vs. Chrome vs. Firefox vs. Safari vs. Opera vs. Project Spartan

We pit the newest versions of Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, and the forthcoming Project Spartan against one another to try and name the best browser. A winner remains unclear.


Date with Uncle Sam? Here are 5 of the best sites for e-filing your taxes

E-filing your taxes online can save you time, money, and a good deal of aggravation. Check out our quick breakdown of some of the best tax-preparation software available, whether you're filing on behalf of your business or simply want your federal return.


Cable subscription, optional: Here’s how to watch ‘Game of Thrones’ online

The fifth season of 'Game of Thrones' begins on April 12, but finding an appropriate avenue to watch HBO's flagship title isn't always easy. Check out our quick guide on how to watch 'Game of Thrones' online, whether you prefer using HBO Now or another method.

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Treat yo selfie with one of these 10 apps made to beautify your pics

Selfies might be a global phenomenon only second to karaoke, but they're not the easiest to perfect. Check out our roundup of the best smartphone apps for beautifying your self portrait, so you can whiten those teeth and refine those skin tones on the fly.


16 great websites for free audiobooks

It need not cost money to blend the joys of a good story and the convenience of easy listening. Here are our picks for the best free audiobook websites so you can listen whenever (and wherever).


Immerse yourself with our 7 favorite Xbox One headsets

The Xbox One might not tout a headset selection quite as vast as the last-gen Xbox 360, but there are a few hallmarks. Check out our current picks for the best Xbox One headsets, whether you're looking for virtual surround sound or budget-based pricing.


Avoid Google Chrome’s security flaw with these password manager apps

The Internet is a scary place, especially if you don't have a proper passcode manager. Here's a quick guide to password manager apps: what they do, how they protect, and good ones to choose.