Caleb Garling

Caleb Garling

Former Digital Trends Contributor
Cool Tech

HIV tests now credit card sized, cost $1 and return results in 15 minutes

MCHIP shows off disease testing device that fits in a wallet.
Social Media

Undetweetable ups accountability on Twitter by saving tweets forever

There's no taking your foot out of your mouth now: Undetweetable scratches every comment out of a Twitter account down in stone, with no option to delete.

Instagram hits 150 million photos, still behind Flickr, Facebook

Instagram continues to storm the photo-sharing market with sharp increases in user and upload numbers.
Cool Tech

The world’s first plane created entirely by 3D printing takes flight

Researchers in Great Britain have designed, printed and launched a plane in less than a week.

Amazon targets Groupon with Amazon Local daily deals

Amazon Local will enter the highly lucrative daily deals market along with the rest of the Internet, most notably Groupon.
Social Media

Newt Gingrich accused of Twitter follower fraud by former staffer

Accusations and analysis start to fly that most of Gingrich's Twitter followers are fake or spam.
Social Media

Twitter confirms ‘significant’ funding from firm also backing Groupon, Zynga and Facebook

Twitter has received an unspecified, but assuredly significant influx of cash from DST Global and others.
Social Media

Google rolls out experimental Hotel Finder

Google Hotel Finder aims to make planning your next trip easier and perhaps cheaper.

Data centers are using far less energy than the EPA expected

A study from Stanford University shows that facilities are using less electricity than expected, though are still using a significant amount.

Facebook launches paid program to find glitches

Facebook will now pay researchers to find and report security holes.
Cool Tech

Neuroscientists shed light on differentiating sonar used by bats

Extremely small difference in sound intensity inform the flying hunters of what's background and what's food.
Android Army

Google rolls out new search experience for tablets

iPad and Android device users will find their Google searching experience faster and simpler than before.