Caleb Denison

Caleb Denison

Caleb is a professional musician, amateur chef and A/V electronics guru. Growing up, Caleb was the guy you would find in the garage tearing apart vintage electronics while other kids rode bikes or played football. His early immersion in consumer electronics led to countless car stereo, home theater and live audio installations which laid down the foundation for his current work.
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Plex will now let you keep your ‘private’ videos hidden with new Plex Home feature

The wildly popular media center/media management program will now offer granular control over which content various users will be allowed see, implementing some key privacy controls as well as a handful of convenience features.
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Does Amazon’s new Fire TV Stick put Roku out to pasture? We pit the two against each other to find out

In our video, we illustrate the key differences between the Amazon Fire TV Stick and the Roku Streaming Stick, then pit the two against each other to see if there is a clear winner. The results might surprise you.
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Hands on: Amazon’s Fire TV stick is slick, speedy and super-affordable

We go hands on with the new Amazon Fire TV stick, an HDMI dongle version of the company's popular Fire TV box. In our video, we take a close look at the hardware and the software interface, and discuss how it stacks up to its competition…
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This Xbox One headset is a must-have gift for the gamer on your list

We go hands-on with Turtle Beach's entry-level amplifier gaming headset for the Xbox One. At around $80, it's a solid option and a must-have accessory.
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Your 17-year-old self would definitely buy this wearable subwoofer

The Woojer is a battery-powered bass transducer that aims to supplement the sound coming from your headphones with bass you can feel -- think of it as a wearable subwoofer. The question we had was: does it actually work? We find out in this…
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These cans don’t just turn any surface into a speaker, they sound good doing it

Revolution Acoustics has developed a different kind of transducer that can convert nearly any surface into a (potentially) giant speaker that seemingly creates invisible audio. We go hands on with the system in this video to find…

This suitcase-style turntable is the ultimate gift for hipsters

Pyle Audio aims to spark some nostalgia by bringing back a vinyl-age classic: A portable turntable with built-in speakers. This re-conceived version comes with a bevy of modern conveniences, though, with Bluetooth and a rechargeable battery…

Wellograph is a fancy wellness watch you’ll actually want to wear

The Wellograph is a "wellness watch" that packs the features of a fitbit into a fashionable watch you'd be proud to wear. We go hands on with the watch and show off its features.
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We go hands-on with Yamaha’s answer to Oppo: Aventage BD-A1040 Blu-ray Player

Yamaha's recently-introduced BD-A1040 Aventage Blu-ray player takes on Oppo with premium audio and video components and, presumably, the premium build quality its Aventage line is known for. We go hands on.
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Me want honeycomb! B&W’s T7 has a design inspired by nature, Abbey Road Studios

In this video, we go hands on with Bowers & Wilkins first portable Bluetooth speaker, the T7. At $350, it is a pricey portable, but its unique design and signature sound are hard to match.