Caleb Denison

Caleb Denison

Caleb is a professional musician, amateur chef and A/V electronics guru. Growing up, Caleb was the guy you would find in the garage tearing apart vintage electronics while other kids rode bikes or played football. His early immersion in consumer electronics led to countless car stereo, home theater and live audio installations which laid down the foundation for his current work.
Home Theater

Day 1 in Berlin: Slick smartwatches, 360-degree speakers, and 4K Blu-ray 2:54

The first of two IFA 2016 press days brought us some gorgeous smartwatches, sleek smart speakers, and a new 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray player tossed in for good measure.
Product Review

Grovemade Wood Speakers and Amp Review

Grovemade's meticulously crafted Wood Speakers sound as unique as they look.
Product Review

Samsung KS9800 Review

We can't resist Samsung's sultry KS9800 TV and its beautiful, blistering HDR
DT Daily

Tesla announces ludicrously quick Model S P100D and upgrades for existing Model S and X 2:52

Tesla today announced the new Model S P100D, billed as the quickest production vehicle in the world with an expected 0-60 MPH time of 2.5 seconds. The new battery pack will also significantly extend range, and will be available as…
DT Daily

The iPhone 7 may not surprise us, but it’s still a killer phone 2:48

Leaked images suggest we know what the iPhone 7 will look like and feature, but lacking surprise shouldn't steal its thunder.
DT Daily

New remote unlock hack compounds VW’s problems 3:32

The German automaker is still dealing with having duped thousands of customers with cars that weren’t as clean as they said they were, now we learn that a relatively simple hack makes it easy to break into most VW vehicles…
DT Daily

Elon Musk wants to turn your roof into a solar energy farm 2:29

The Solar City Chairman and Tesla CEO plans to combine solar rooftops with Tesla's battery storage systems to help homes rely less on the grid.
DT Daily

Calm down! Google says Quadrooter not a huge risk to most Android users 3:35

Google says it has enough safeguards and updates in place to protect folks from a recently discovered Android security flaw
DT Daily

No more free Hulu for you! Hulu goes subscription only, but Yahoo offers a work-around 2:54

Hulu will no longer offer big network TV shows for free on its site or through its app and will now require a subscription. but a newly launched Yahoo property offers an alternative.
DT Daily

Spotify unleashes Release Radar weekly playlist sporting all-new music 2:19

The new playlist is a riff on Discover Weekly and uses a new audio-based system for matching it to listener preferences.
DT Daily

Straddle up! China’s new megabus plows over traffic instead of through it 2:36

China's so-called straddle bus went from concept to prototype in record time and showed in a recent trial it's almost ready to take on city streets.
Health & Fitness

Watch Marcus Peters test the latest fitness trackers (while Marshawn Lynch heckles)

We hit the gym with Marshawn Lynch and Marcus Peters to determine if today's fitness watches could keep up with a star athlete. Watch our video to find out how the Fitbit Blaze, Gaming Vivoactive HR, and Polar A 360 held up.