Caleb Denison

Caleb Denison

Caleb is a professional musician, amateur chef and A/V electronics guru. Growing up, Caleb was the guy you would find in the garage tearing apart vintage electronics while other kids rode bikes or played football. His early immersion in consumer electronics led to countless car stereo, home theater and live audio installations which laid down the foundation for his current work.
Home Theater

Nuvyo’s Tablo OTA DVR gets big boost with new Apple TV app 2:17

Nuvyo recently landed its Tablo OTA DVR app on Apple TV, opening up the option for cord-cutters looking to stream local broadcast content on the big screen. We've got the crucial details in this video from CE Week 2106
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Here’s when you can take home an Xbox One S and how much it will cost you

Microsoft officially announced the Xbox One S' release date and pricing, though only the most expensive version will be available at first, with the two lower capacity/lower priced versions due sometime later this year.
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Microsoft’s win against the US government is a win for corporate and consumer privacy 3:09

A U.S. court of appeals struck down a warrant that would have required Microsoft to turn over emails stored on a private server overseas in Ireland, setting a precedent that could bolster corporate and consumer privacy.
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‘Pokémon Go’ surges past Twitter and Facebook, dominating Android downloads, daily use

We all know Pokémon GO is huge, but just how big is it? We're beginning to learn, as the hot new mobile game just surged past Twitter and Facebook in a couple of key areas.
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‘Pokémon Go’ overloads servers, dominates headlines, gets man fired 3:17

The Nintendo game has already taken over Tinder on the Android platform and is about to surpass Twitter in daily active users, all without a full global launch.
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Strange bedfellows: Comcast to put Netflix app on its X1 cable boxes 4:11

Comcast and Netflix haven't been too friendly in the past, which makes the fact that the two companies are striking this deal all the more notable.
Product Review

Sony XBR55X930D (2016) Review

Before you buy any other TV, you need to see Sony's X930D
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Was the man who died in an autonomously driving Tesla really watching Harry Potter? 3:10

A man riding in a Tesla Model S while in autonomous driving mode died in a car crash yesterday, marking the first death sustained while a car was in self-driving mode. A witness says the man may have been watching Harry Potter…
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Apple wants to bust your bootlegs by blocking iPhone video recording at concerts 2:43

Apple is working on infrared-based technology that would shut down iPhone video recording while at live music or movie events. A patent shows that both Apple and Google are working on similar technology designed to reduce piracy.
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Facebook puts friends first in your feed thanks to transparent News Feed Values adoption 2:58

Facebook is making big adjustments to how it feeds your personal Facebook news feed, putting friends first, pushing out Spam, and pushing sponsored content down below what it believes you will find most relevant.
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Irony much? Airbnb sues California over law it helped create

Airbnb, already under fire from hoteliers and local governments, has sued the state of California over a law it help create and pass.
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This adorable robot with AI is going to be the hottest tech toy ever

If Disney’s Wall-E were to come to life and become your pet, it would be Cozmo, an extremely interactive robot who displays emotion and loves to play.