Christian Brazil Bautista

Christian Brazil Bautista

Christian Brazil Bautista is an experienced journalist who has been writing about technology and music for the past decade. He is a recent New York transplant from Manila, Philippines and spends most of his days playing video games on the subway and having arguments about punk records over Skype. He hopes to one day understand why people go to Whole Foods. You can reach him at @cbrazilbautista on Twitter and on Facebook.

Sprint pulls a T-Mobile with free international data and text in 15 countries

Sprint is doing its best imitation of competitor T-Mobile as it launches International Value Roaming, a new program that provides subscribers with unlimited text and data in Latin America, Europe and Asia.


Apple Watch preorders are selling on eBay for as much as $13,499

Apple’s new smartwatch is turning out to be a good source of dough for shady eBay scalpers. If you missed out on the pre-orders and are looking to waste some currency, the Internet would be more than willing to oblige.

Samsung says there might not be enough Galaxy S6 Edge phones for everyone

According to a report, Samsung is expecting a shortage of Galaxy S6 Edge units as it grapples with manufacturing issues due to the device's curved display. Samsung is working to curb the issues as much as possible.


Sorry, Apple fans! The Apple Watch will be sold exclusively online at launch

The Apple Watch will be available for previews and preorders tomorrow. However, purchasing the device requires a more roundabout process, one that is more complex than a simple exchange of currency and goods.

Grab your popcorn: Netflix-style torrent app Popcorn Time is now on iOS

Popcorn Time, the controversial Netflix-style streaming service, has just come out with an app for non-jailbroken iOS devices. The group also announced plans to open a sort of underground app store.


Android Lollipop is only on 5.4 percent of devices, and Kitkat is still the most popular

Google has just released data on Android distribution. Five months since Google started rolling out the latest version of its OS, only 5.4 percent of Android devices have been updated.


Samsung projects 30-percent dip in profits, may recover with Galaxy S6 release

Samsung is predicting a 30-percent drop in profits for the first quarter of this year, continuing a trend that has been in place since it introduced the Galaxy S5. The tide may soon turn, however, as the Galaxy S6 goes up for sale.


911 went out in Colorado, and the FCC ain’t happy about it

The Federal Communications Commission has penalized two companies that were involved in a 911 emergency call outage that affected 11 million people. The FCC's actions included assessing a record $16 million against CenturyLink for its role in the incident.


Report: Comcast getting support from beneficiaries for TWC merger

Comcast, which has a track record of conjuring support in Capitol Hill, is once again leveraging its influence as it seeks approval of its proposed merger with Time Warner Cable.

Can’t find your ex? Just divorce him over Facebook, a NYC judge rules

Ellanora Baidoo, a 26-year old nurse living in Brooklyn, was given approval to start dissolving her marriage through social networking because her absentee husband refused to receive divorce documents in person.


Indiana clarifies religious freedom bill after backlash from Gen Con and others grows

Gen Con, one of the largest gaming conventions in the country, is threatening to pull out of Indiana. The event is opposing Senate Bill 101, which critics say may allow businesses to refuse service to same-sex couples.


Robbers hope to haul in Samsung Galaxy S6 units, but get stuck with lousy components

The robbery, which occurred in a deserted area in southeastern Delhi, targeted a truck that was on its way to a Samsung factory in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. The robbers thought to steal Samsung Galaxy S6 units, but they failed.


Google, Mozilla blacklists China’s web registrar over breach

Google and Mozilla have announced that they will blacklist digital certificates from the China Internet Network Information Center, the country’s main Internet agency.


Tech companies condemn religious freedom legislation in Indiana and Arkansas

In a joint statement, a group led by executives from Twitter, Airbnb, Tumblr, and LinkedIn called for the establishment of legal protection for gays and lesbians under civil rights laws. Earlier, Apple's Tim Cook wrote a similar piece.


Obama signs order to impose sanctions on foreign hackers

President Barack Obama has signed an executive order that imposes sanctions on foreign hackers that engage in “destructive attacks or commercial espionage” against US targets.