Chase Melvin

Chase Melvin

Former Digital Trends Contributor
Chase Melvin is a writer and native New Yorker. He graduated from LIU Brooklyn where he spent 3 years as the News and Photo Editor of the Seawanhaka Press newspaper before spending time as a Web-based technology writer for Newsday.

Adobe’s Creative Cloud update lets you install and use CS5 software

Adobe's Creative Cloud platform was recently updated with new features, but its most notable improvement lets you use software from the previous Creative Suite, CS5.

Shutterfly guide shows you ‘how to take the perfect photo’ with any camera

Shutterfly has launched its "How To Take The Perfect Photo" interactive guide that shows new photographers how to get better shots, using various camera types.

Artist to create 100-year photo exposures of Berlin using pinhole cameras

Artist Jonathan Keats began a photo project using pinhole cameras to capture 100-year exposures of Berlin, with help from local residents. The images will be exhibited 100 years later.

Remembering Bunny Yeager, queen of pin-up photographers who popularized the bikini

Bunny Yeager, a pin-up model turned highly influential photographer, passed away at age 85. Yeager gained notoriety for her iconic 1950s shots of Bettie Page, as well as helping to popularize the bikini swimsuit.

Extreme adventurer Dean Potter BASE jumps off Swiss mountain, takes dog for the ride

Extreme climber Dean Potter loves BASE jumping and his dog, so he brought his pet for a glide on his wing-suit after jumping off a Swiss mountain from 13,000 feet.

Tech meets fashion: NewViewWear is clothing that comes with custom wearable camera

New York-based NewViewWear looks to launch a line of smart apparel, which includes a versatile camera that shoots HD video and 5-megapixel stills. The camera has a dedicated pocket in the clothes, but can be removed and used on its own.
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Instagram joins Facebook, Twitter, YouTube on Iran’s banned list, no one is surprised

An Iranian court order adds Instagram to a growing list of banned social media apps, which includes Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, due to "privacy issues." However, many high-level leaders continue to use social media for their own…

Google considers dipping its toes into home security with Dropcam acquisition

Nest Labs, a division of Google, has an interest in moving into home security by buying Dropcam, a home monitoring service that streams video via a Wi-Fi connection.

Canon rumored to give select photographers 7D Mark II prototypes at Brazil World Cup

An updated version of Canon's popular 7D DSLR could be on the way, according to rumor sites. New claims suggest Canon will give select photographers prototypes of camera at the World Cup tournament in Brazil, with an official debut at…

What happens when your old Polaroid runs out of film? Mod it to use Fujifilm’s instead

In this short video, professional photographer Alastair Bird demonstrates that analog instant photography is still alive as he uses a modified Polaroid camera to capture images.

Dropbox adds Bubbli 3D tech to its growing list of photo app acquisitions

Dropbox adds to its list of acquired photo apps with the purchase of Bubbli, a 3D imaging app that creates unique 360-degree panoramic photos called "bubbles."

Google+ Stories automatically creates slideshows of your greatest photo, video hits

Google Stories is a new tool that automatically creates personalized slideshows out of your photos and videos. Stories includes maps of places you've visited, and you can share the link with friends and family instantly.